Why Vision Critical

Unparalleled Insight Communities + Strategic Expertise

Vision Critical is an exceptional blend of insight community technologies and some of the world’s foremost strategic research experts.

Our core product, Vision Critical Insight Communities, enables businesses and organizations across the globe to better understand the opinions of their customers and/or the general public. In a world run on technology, there is no slowing down, so we are constantly pushing ourselves forward.

Vision Critical’s Sparq™ platform underpins every product in our integrated product suite, including our insight communities. We’ve invested millions of dollars into Sparq™ and have a large, dedicated, on-site team that is constantly improving our tools and technologies.

We are passionate about helping marketers and insight professionals easily and enjoyably engage with large quantities of consumers for feedback. Through a dynamic interaction, consumers are able to weigh in with their opinions at home on a desktop, on the road via a mobile device or when they’re connected through social media websites like Facebook.

By counting on Vision Critical, our clients have the power to access any data point to ensure they are connecting with the right customers and are pulling all of the necessary information together to make informed and actionable choices on products, services, communications, advertising and much more.

We also realize that there are many complementary technologies in the market that can help our clients achieve the connections, dialogue and customer intimacy they desire. At Vision Critical, we pride ourselves in our willingness to integrate with other technology platforms.

The market research revolution is evolving hand in hand with the constantly pivoting technology landscape. Vision Critical has embraced this change and is constantly searching for new methods to better understand customer attitudes and opinions.