Brand Equity Relationship Assessment

Find out where your brand currently resides on the BERA Relationship Lifecycle.

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Understanding the economic value of your brand portfolio is key to making sound investments in your business.

Listening to the voice of your customers and prospects is essential to learning how your business decisions will impact your brand now and into the future.

Vision Critical's Brand Equity Relationship Assessment (BERA) platform combines the power of online insight communities with advanced surveying and dashboarding, to deliver the answers you need in less time than ever before.

What is BERA

BERA gives you access to the largest ongoing global brand survey.

It provides you with a software interface for your tablet or web browser, giving you weekly insight into how your brand is performing against a universe of 4,000 brands globally.

BERA's combination of leading and lagging indicators let you see how your brand is currently performing, and how you can expect it to perform in the future given your current mix of product, marketing, pricing, distribution and customer service initiatives.

A visual heat map lets you drill into global, national and regional results.

BERA gives you access to Facebook data or in-depth brand-affinity and popularity measurements.

Our valuation and Investment Analytics service helps you determine the likely impact of alternative strategies on brand value.

Applied Predictive Technologies® Test & Learn™ software provides the leading tool for testing product concepts in real time.


Here are the custom BERA results for the brand you requested.

 brand score

This score reflects where the brand currently resides on a scale of 0-100, based on the results of a recent survey of 20,000 Americans from across the country.

This brand's position on the relationship life cycle is: 

What does this mean?

 brand neighborhood

Here are some other brands currently sharing the brand's neighborhood: brands that share similar characteristics, score and position on the relationship life cycle.