Essence Communications

The Essence Insiders insight community really addresses for us this ability to be complete partners with our advertisers. It allows us to be quick and nimble and provide solutions about this market that they don’t already have. At the end of the day, it’s really creating revenue for us.
Carmen Bryant, Research Director, Essence Magazine
  • In the publishing industry, getting quick access to information and insights can be the difference between winning and losing major deals.
  • Consumer research at Essence was largely being conducted on an ad-hoc basis through customized studies.
  • Essence needed to find a way to be more quick and nimble, and give advertisers a superior level of service end-to-end and effectively build loyalty.
  • The Essence community actually existed before 2008, when it was moved to  the Vision Critical platform and was renamed Essence Insights.
  • Conceived in 2008 and established in January 2009 the Essence Insiders insight community is a group of 10,000 highly engaged Essence subscribers and readers who are asked to respond to surveys roughly twice per month.
  • With the help of the insight community, Essence has a highly effective tool for conducting cover testing, creative testing, ongoing tracking studies and even the facilitation of real-life product testing.
  • The Essence Insiders has built a strong reputation as a means for quickly testing and validating decisions.
  • Members feel much more valued by advertisers. They often see their own quotes from surveys on the pages of the magazine in reference to products that they have tested.
  • The advertiser builds credibility by referencing the Essence Insiders community. In Research Director Carmen Bryant words, “They saw the original creative and now they see the final piece. And, often that piece might reference the Essence Insiders, it might have numbers, it might have quotes, for some it even might have their name.” 

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