Vision Critical empowered JetBlue to turn brand loyalty into a renewable resource. During a recession, when buying behaviors were rapidly shifting, a members-only insight community of 15,000 loyal customers was launched. The insight community's key insights and quick responses helped to redesign JetBlue’s loyalty program and continue to provide ongoing customer engagement. The results: loyalty has increased, along with ticket sales and profits.

Without our partnership with Vision Critical, we might have tried typical, low-yield, anecdotal focus groups. That’s better than nothing, but it’s not definitive, near-instant feedback from 15,000 qualified, motivated customers. When it comes to designing and implementing relevant strategy, it’s pretty much impossible to beat that.
Bryan Jeppsen, Senior Analyst of Customer Feedback, JetBlue
  • When a recession hits the travel business, it dramatically changes buying behaviors. JetBlue needed to adapt in a hurry to keep its customers loyal.
  • People still travel during a recession, but they make decisions that appear impulsive –like buying plane tickets at the last minute to find the best deal.
  • “If we’re going to be the first choice when a customer buys on impulse, we need to listen in ways we never have before,” says Bryan Jeppsen, senior analyst of customer feedback for JetBlue.
  • A members-only community of 15,000 was created that could provide timely feedback and enable the company to see its brand through the eyes of the customers.
  • “Once the community was assembled and tested, the speed and quality of insight was incredible,” says Bryan.
  • “A senior crew member wanted to know why more people didn’t check in online. I remember her asking me how long it would take to find out. She didn’t believe me when I told her that we’d see a 30-50 percent response rate the next day, and up to 80 percent if we left it there a week. She was amazed,” adds Bryan.
  • The relaunch of the TrueBlue loyalty program to give high-value, repeat customers the incentives and features they want – by their own design. Suddenly JetBlue was empowered to protect its profits by discovering what customers love about the brand – and replicating more of it.
  • The program helped JetBlue increase customer loyalty, leading to a record-setting year of profits in 2011.
  • “Vision Critical gave us a forum to connect,” recalls Bryan. “With an insight community, we’re able to tap an incredibly rich and candid source of insight on the absolute truth of our brand.”

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