Morpace Inc. is a Michigan based full-service market research and consulting organization that specializes in providing innovative proprietary solutions to business problems and custom research designs and analyses. Established in 1941, Morpace is one of the largest privately held marketing research firms in the United States and is organized around vertical expertise in client sectors including automotive, consumer package goods, financial services, health care, retail, and technology. In 2010, Morspace recognized it needed a tool that would help align research efforts across the organization and delivery greater amounts of insight to its customers. Since partnering with Vision Critical in 2010 Morpace estimates it can run 17% more research projects with the Vision Critical Insight Communities technology in place, with only a 7% increase in total research costs.

We needed to go beyond meeting industry standards for protecting respondent confidentiality and adhere to strict regulations surrounding Protected Health Information.
Dania Rich-Spencer, Vice President, Morpace
  • One major challenge is Morpace’s ability to deliver insights while protecting customer confidentiality.
  • Morpace needed to provide a major US health benefits organization with the ability to engage clients and learn more about their health care needs.
  • It also needed to ensure the highest level of data security – strict US federal legislation can mean large fines and significant negative publicity if any private customer data becomes public.
  • An online insight community was built on a platform with proven data security architecture.
  • Morpace turned to Vision Critical technology to build and manage its client’s insight community.
  • “The decision to go with Vision Critical was about more than just their technology—it was about their commitment to our goals, their willingness to collaborate and their ongoing partnership,” Vice President Dania Rich-Spencer explains.
  • With enhanced research and well-protected confidential customer information thanks to Vision Critical’s secure infrastructure, Morpace and its client can sleep better at night.
  • Morpace estimates it can run 17 percent more research projects with the Vision Critical insight community technology in place, with only a seven percent increase in total research costs.
  • Not only is research volume increased at greater cost efficiencies, but the market research team is able to recruit and engage respondents at a fraction of the cost of traditional research means.

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