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Continually delighting an audience is no easy feat. Entertainers must balance between showing audiences something they haven’t seen, while listening astutely to what they love. Scripps Networks Interactive, a leading developer of high-profile, lifestyle-oriented content with six brands including HGTV and Food Network appreciates this. Rather than hazarding a guess on what audiences want and waiting on ratings with fingers crossed, the brand accurately gauges the potential of programs and talent before going to air, before a penny is spent on production, via the lightning speed of online research. This strengthened its relationship with its viewers, impressed and educated its advertisers, and saved over a million dollars, leaving the C-Suite as another delighted audience.

The U1R insight community provided us with the opportunity to flip the focus off of ourselves and onto our customers. A network is nothing without an audience.
Chris Ryan, VP Sales Research, Scripps Networks
  • Verification of ratings accuracy is industry standard, but typically offers little insight, and delivers findings after the fact. It also omits the finer points on how the life of the consumer is being affected.
  • The six Scripps Networks brands operate independently of one another which stretched limited research budgets too thin. Research requests flooded in but very few could be filled.
  • “I realized the way we could get the most bang for our buck was if all the networks pooled their resources and shared one insight community,” says Ellen Ryan, vice president of research.
  • The Scripps Networks team established that Vision Critical’s Insight Community platform had the flexibility and back-end capability it needed.
  • “The requirements we had for our insight community were very specific. What struck me about Vision Critical was the combination of powerful research technology designed by experienced research professionals for use by research professionals, combined with extensive experience developing and helping clients manage proprietary consumer members,” Ellen explains.
  • Scripps’ aptly named Under One Roof (U1R) insight community was launched shortly after.
  • In less than two years the Scripps Networks research hub had executed over 130 projects. Taking this plunge also allowed Scripps to very quickly learn a great deal about conducting ground-breaking community research.
  • Scripps Networks use of Vision Critical’s innovative technology changed the conversation from “Why isn’t my product selling?” to “What’s going on in the life of my consumer?”
  • Being open with its customers means that it trusts, and is open with them. “Delivering consistently smart data in a timely manner to the executives also puts you in the position to speak freely with them and that’s where you need to be,” says Ellen.

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