Yahoo! Inc.

We’re able to answer our client’s questions in a quick and reliable way which has really helped us to stand out from the competition and provide us with a significant competitive advantage in my opinion
David ludica,Director, Strategic Insights and Research, Yahoo! Inc.
  • The Internet has very quickly become a crowded space. Mimicry is amuck, and the emergence of the next sensational web start-up is constantly imminent.
  • Yahoo! sought a way to provide additional value to advertisers; it established that depth of insight was a way in which to better distinguish themselves from the masses.
  • By hosting an insight community of Yahoo! consumers the company could build out a 360 degree view of its customer by learning much more about their offline behavior.
  • In a little over a year of launching the insight community, the team at Yahoo! had collected over 150,000 survey responses, representing a much greater number of data points, each of which can be matched back to each individual’s profile information captured in the very beginning.
  • The Yahoo! Yodelers community uses a blog to keep members informed and updated on how the findings are being used.
  • “It’s not just an online survey it’s an experience, it’s a real methodology, it’s a rich and robust methodology that you can really dig into and get some serious answers,” explains Director of Strategic Insights Director David Iudica.
  • The team at Yahoo!, through its 15,000 member insight community has a tool by which it can extract deeper insights to help its advertising partners to improve the effectiveness of its ad spend.
  • The immediacy of this information and the use of Vision Critical’s cutting-edge methodologies produce a richer, deeper customer perspective.
  • “What we’ve been able to do through these online focus groups, through the live chats, through the mobile video discussions is get a visual of what people are really thinking. Vision Critical’s capabilities have really helped us to bring that to life with our consumers and with our clients,” says David.

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