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  • Create discussion forums quickly with an intuitive “type and go” workflow
  • Customize the forum with your images, colors and branding elements
  • Find your way around with easy-to-use search tools
  • Watch discussions as they happen with real-time reports
  • Seamlessly integrate your online surveys and discussions for a comprehensive solution
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Not everything that counts can be counted

Create engaging online forums

Our rich graphical user interface allows you to create visually appealing forums that stimulate engaging conversation. Inspired by the socially interactive nature of the Internet, our forums present a familiar interface common to online communities.

Get started easily

Get your discussions up and running within 24 hours and manage online conversations with ease. Leverage in-depth member profiles, threaded discussions, prioritized posts and word clouds to get answers fast. 

Engage with mobile forums

Your members can participate on their smartphones, tablets or laptops, engaging them in the moment—using intelligent layouts that are designed for all screens. Learn more.


Moderate and analyze

Manage timelines and analyze feedback efficiently. Use sophisticated yet easy to use tools to navigate and organize the forum.

VC Discussions

Add new depth to your customer relationships by sharing ideas in engaging discussion forums.

Invite your members, ask them questions about who they are, and start conversations about your products, services, new concepts, customer service, or anything that interests you and your community. Post ideas, videos and images to stimulate discussions.

Your members can express opinions, tag favorite posts, and meaningfully engage from wherever they are, using their computer, tablet or smartphone.

Top solutions for VC Discussions

When it is time to solve challenges, invite your customers to share their creativity.
Product Innovation
Infuse your product innovation process with fresh new ideas, content and solutions from outside your company's walls.
Product Innovation
Customer Satisfaction
Gain a deep understanding of customer satisfaction and loyalty to accurately gauge the state of your relationship with your consumers.
Customer Satisfaction


What better way to invite creativity when it comes to tackling challenges? Brainstorming with your own customers can sow the seeds of great new products or customer service initiatives that are actually in demand. Creative customers can generate ideas that might not get cultivated within the walls of your organization. Letting your customers into the boardroom for these exercises makes them feel closer to you than ever before, strengthening bonds and allowing for a safe and open place to share new ideas that can help shape your business.

Product Innovation

Working with customers to identify where gaps may exist in your product line is a rewarding exercise. Infuse your product innovation process with fresh new ideas, content and solutions from outside your organization. What's driving sales? How do customers make their purchase decisions? What competitive products are they trying? Interact with your community in this qualitative stage, to gather thoughts and ideas about how new products might look, taste, be marketed, priced and sold. Brainstorm product names, features, ingredients, and even prices. Research that could take 4-6 weeks for each new ideation exercise can be completed in days. 

Customer Satisfaction

Trying to create more value for your customers? Start with a deep understanding of customer satisfaction and loyalty. Field effective customer satisfaction studies to accurately gauge the state of your relationship with your consumers. From study design, to data collection, analytics and reporting, our solutions help you build an accurate picture of your customers and prospects, and a means to engage them to dive deeper into topics that matter to them.

Our online tools put high quality market research within reach for companies of all shapes and sizes

  • Increase response rates

    Create engaging online discussions on topics that matter to your business using intuitive tools. With customizable themes, you can ensure your discussion forums consistently reflect your brand.

  • Find everything in one place

    Leverage the only suite of web-based research tools that integrates surveys and discussion forums. Seamlessly transition participants from online surveys to forums and deepen your customer conversations.

  • Share the workload

    Invite guest moderators and observers for easier collaboration. Protect content with multiple permission layers while sharing responsibilities.

  • Manage with built-in tools

    Use our wide selection of tools to manage timelines, improve workflows, promote engagement and analyze feedback.

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