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  • Build surveys faster
  • Link your online surveys and forums
  • Produce surveys in multiple languages

Create surveys people want to take

Design creatively

Create surveys your participants will want to complete, with a wide variety of question types, formatting and survey logic. Put your brand front and center, with custom themes, colors, images and formatting. 

Engage on mobile devices

Present surveys to participants on their smartphones, tablets or notebooks, engaging them in the moment with components and designs that are fully mobile-optimized.

Launch and get reports fast 

It’s easy to import your groups, lists from your CRM system or external lists and launch your survey quickly. Our reports give you the insights you need in real-time, helping you make better decisions.

Get the results you need

Software infused with years of research expertise helps you develop questions that improve results and keep members engaged.

VC Surveys

Vision Critical Surveys make it simple to design creative and compelling surveys. In addition, powerful reporting tools help interpret the results. Our online surveys are engaging and optimized for mobile to deliver a better participant experience, higher response rates, more accurate answers, and better quality data. That's the data that helps you make the right business decisions.

  • Create surveys with our simple design tools
  • Preview questions as participants would see them
  • Add images, colors, text and branding elements to customize your surveys 
  • Embed sophisticated survey logic
  • Present questions dynamically based upon responses to previous questions
  • Let your participants respond on smartphones, tablets and notebooks
  • Randomize the order of questions
  • Get results with real-time reporting
  • One-click to export to Excel or SPSS

Top solutions for VC Surveys

Ideation and Co-creation
Infuse your product innovation process with fresh new ideas, content and solutions from outside your company's walls.
Concept Development and Testing
Test your concepts with your customers to find out if your idea has traction.
Concept Testing
Ad and Media Testing
Test your ad concepts with a broad cross section of your customer base.
Ad and Media Testing
Gain a deep understanding of consumer satisfaction and loyalty to accurately gauge the state of your relationship with your customers.
Customer Satisfaction


Working with customers to identify where gaps may exist in your product line is a rewarding exercise. Infuse your product innovation process with fresh new ideas, content and solutions from outside your company's walls. What's driving sales? How do customers make their purchase decisions? What competitive products are they trying? Interact with your customers and prospects in this qualitative stage, to gather thoughts and ideas about how new products might look, taste, be marketed, priced and sold. Brainstorm product names, features, ingredients, even prices. Research that could take 4-6 weeks for each new ideation exercise can be completed in days.

Concept Testing

You have a promising new product or service idea in mind, and now it's time take your concepts to a broader audience. To find out if your idea has traction, why not test your theories with your customers? Share realistic representations of the final offer with your customers. Work out the details, and get realistic feedback from a group of your customers or prospects.

Ad and Media Testing

With a new idea for an advertising campaign in hand, test the concept with a broad cross section of your customer base. Use the powerful quantitative tools available to you within VC Surveys to ask your customers, prospects, even the broader voice of market, what they think of your new promotional idea, how they might modify it, and how it might resonate more soundly with them. Test flyers and promotions as quickly as you can create them. Get feedback in one tenth of the time that it can take using traditional methods.

Customer Satisfaction

Trying to create more value for your customers? Start with a deep understanding of consumer satisfaction and loyalty. Field effective customer satisfaction studies to accurately gauge the state of your relationship with your customers. From study design, to data collection, analytics and reporting, our solutions help you build an accurate picture of your customers and prospects, and a means to engage them to dive deeper into topics that matter to them.

Our online tools put high quality market research within reach of companies of all sizes

  • Engage your customers

    Our proven survey designs means that more people complete your surveys.

  • Customize visually

    Create surveys that bolster your brand identity, or build new creative themes.

  • Make it easy

    Beautiful surveys are easy to create. Get set up faster than you thought possible.

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