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Make your surveys more engaging.

Our online ad hoc surveys deliver a better respondent experience, better answers, and better quality data. Vision Critical® Surveys offer cutting-edge survey authoring, review and collaboration interfaces, and seamless reporting capabilities. The results: more engaged customers and access to credible, actionable data to support your critical business and planning decisions.

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Our online tools put high-quality market research within reach of companies of all sizes.

  • Create engaging online ad hoc surveys with easy to use and intuitive survey tools.
  • Apply custom survey themes to fit your brand, product or context.
  • Collaborate in the design and review of surveys with team members.
  • Rollback to any previous version or question through a dynamic version control system.
  • Deploy quickly and painlessly for maximum response rates.
  • Monitor and analyze results in real-time and publish online to relevant stakeholders.
  • Flexible deployments let you use customer lists or market samples.
  • Reach your members any time, any place with a rich mobile optimized survey experience, thus increasing response rates.


Easily customize your survey to create a cohesive brand experience.
Get higher quality response rates with our visual allocation question type.


Simplified workflow with collaboration.
Engaging rank order question type.


Broaden your research reach with the Vision Critical Surveys App for HootSuite.
Expand your audience and increase response rates with engaging mobile optimized surveys.




Intuitive, Collaborative Authoring Tools

The intuitive authoring tools within Vision Critical Surveys make it easy to create engaging surveys through a use of different question types, formatting and survey logic. Regardless of your survey complexity, our interface makes it simple. Create custom designs, insert images, add survey logic and collaborate with your colleagues and stakeholders to create the ideal respondent experience.

Research as an Extension of your Brand

Create a customized theme for your online surveys that is consistent with your company, brand, product, or category.  Create variations of themes for different topics, different customer segments, different stakeholders or different regions.  Our custom theming editor makes it easy and simple to create a branded experience for your surveys by selecting fonts, color palettes, images, logos and more.

Version Control

Never worry about current versions, losing questions or reverting back to previous versions of your online surveys. All surveys are dynamically saved and you can instantly access all versions during any point during development.

Testing, Deployment and Reporting

Cover all of your bases with your online surveys through iterative testing of individual questions, sections or complete surveys on your own or as you collaborate with team members. Collaborative online preview streamlines the feedback and approval process for faster survey development. Once approved, it’s easy to deploy to your own lists, CRM systems or external samples. Finally, our on-the-fly reporting gives you access to the insights you need, in real time, to view and present data to drive business decisions.

Integrated Research, Workflow & Data

While you can conduct ad hoc online surveys and forums independently, the real power of these two research methods is seen when they are combined. Vision Critical provides the only suite of web-based ad hoc research tools that links statistical data and contextual data for streamlined analysis and a faster route to insights. Enhance your research by combining customer conversations with your survey data. Seamlessly stream respondents from an online survey to an online discussion forum. And, give analysts integrated data for better reporting and insights.

Vision Critical Surveys App for HootSuite

Vision Critical Surveys lets you easily design and send surveys to get quick and, actionable data to support your business decisions. The Vision Critical Surveys App for HootSuite allows you to easily share surveys with your social networks, monitor results in real-time and more. Best of all the Vision Critical Surveys App is free of charge for HootSuite users.


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Vision Critical provides hands-on training and world-class support to all of our clients.


  • VC Tech Support – our team is committed to helping you and your business.
  • VC Training – learn how to get the most from our tools with on-site or virtual training.
  • VC Research Experts – get help designing, analyzing or reporting on your research.
  • VC Engagement Specialists – help you get better response rates.
  • VC Market Panels – access market samples quickly, easily and cost effectively.



This multimedia resource center has been designed to help get you up to speed, and conducting insightful research in no time. You have in your hands a very powerful tool and the resources below have been designed to help you to get the very most out of it!

Installing and using the Vision Critical Surveys App for HootSuite
Getting Started with Vision Critical Surveys

Learning Resources

Getting Started – Vision Critical Surveys
This handbook highlights the features of the Vision Critical Surveys tool including how to write, share, approve and circulate your surveys.

10 Tips for Survey Design
This document provides you with ten tips on designing surveys whether simple or complicated.

5 Tips for More Engaging Online Surveys and Forums
Read how to design your research in a thoughtful way so your respondents can give you thoughtful answers.

Pre-Set Surveys
This document shows you how to use our three pre-set surveys - Net Promoter, Twitter, and Cool Stuff.

Distributing Surveys via Social Media
This document outlines the best practices for distributing your surveys through your social media networks.

Reporting – Show me the results!
This handbook explains how to get the most out of Vision Critical Survey’s intuitive real-time reporting features.

Best Practices for Combining Surveys and Forums
While you can conduct a survey or a forum independent of each other, the real power comes from combining the two together. Get the what and the why - that one-two punch for a holistic view of your business issues.

Visit Vision Critical University for a comprehensive range of learning resources, white papers, and other thought-provoking content from our industry thought-leaders.