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  • Execute a variety of studies: Voice of Market, Omnibus, Research Lite, Field & Tab and Sample Only
  • License our tools for in-house setups
  • Host discussion forums
  • Monitor and analyze results through our Voice of Market Sparq Subscription program
  • Engage participants with desktop and mobile access
  • Product - Voice of Market
    What is Voice of Market? Watch this video to learn more.

    ​Global Reach of Vision Critical's Voice of Market

It’s like having hundreds of thousands of consumers and business professionals in your boardroom

Find the right people to talk to

Target and screen our extensively profiled global market community members. Find the right consumers and professionals to talk to, and engage with them quickly and directly.

Use visual questions

Our surveys feature enhanced visual questions to improve engagement, increase response rates and reduce participant fatigue.

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Get the right answers from the right people

Select from thousands of existing profile variables to build the group that perfectly fits your needs. 

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Integrate with your insight community

Members can be invited into your insight communities, allowing for real-time reporting and management of your studies in one online location. 

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Research and press release support

Our experienced professionals can provide research support and services for press releases. 

VC Voice of Market

Over 500 companies in more than 30 countries have chosen Vision Critical to connect them to the voice of market.

Our three communities—located in the US, UK, and Canada—are combined with a deeply-vetted network of local suppliers around the globe. We provide consumer and business targets to give you unparalleled access to high quality participants.

Insight communities go beyond your customers, allowing you to listen to the voice of your non-customers, those using a competitor’s product, or people making decisions about entering
your market.

Customer Story

"The Official NASCAR Fan Council has created a real shift in company culture. We’re getting back to basics; back to our core fan. The turnkey product and infrastructure from Vision Critical was exactly what we were looking for."

Brian Moyer, Managing Director, Market and Media Research, NASCAR

Customer Story
Discovery Communications

"With the Influencer community we are able to do significantly more research at a fraction of the cost. We’re able to access more than 15,000 of our viewers every day and turn around research in 24-48 hours."

Colby Flint, Corporate Research, Discovery Communications

Customer Story
Yahoo! Inc.

"We’re able to answer our client’s questions in a quick and reliable way which has really helped us to stand out from the competition and provide us with a significant competitive advantage in my opinion."

David Iudica, Director, Strategic Insights and Research, Yahoo! Inc.

Customer Story
Barkley Inc.

We found working with Vision Critical to be a highly collaborative experience– from questionnaire design, to fieldwork and analysis of results. We are very excited to share these cutting-edge findings with our clients."

Jeff Fromm, Executive Vice President, Barkley Inc.

Voice of Market
Get feedback from the broader market.
Voice of Market
Research Lite
Traditional Field and Tab with a twist.
Research Lite
Speak to a cross section of Americans, Britons and Canadians and get results in a flash.
Vision Critical can handle everything from programming, fielding to data tabulations and coding.
Field and Tab
Host your own study and we’ll do the rest.
Sample Only

Voice of Market

Go beyond your customer view to the greater market to understand non-customers, those using a competitor or making decisions about entering the market. Go as broad as the general population or as focused as lapsed customers in a certain region.

Research Lite

Our research staff will help to take your draft questionnaire and apply their knowledge and expertise to ensure it’s as successful as it should be. We provide back-end support, including factums, top-line reports and high level findings–all delivered in PowerPoint.


Vision Critical provides Canada’s only overnight omnibus service on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. Speak to a cross section of Americans, British and Canadians and get results in as little as one business day.

Field and Tab

Hand us your finalized questionnaire and specifications, and we’ll handle everything from programming and fielding to data tabulations and coding.

Sample Only

You host your own study and we’ll do the rest. Vision Critical will deliver the highest quality respondents directly to your study from our network of local VC-certified communities.

The value of global market communities from Vision Critical

  • Get answers quickly

    Get quick responses from highly engaged and deeply profiled community members.

  • Sample globally

    Leverage global experts for sampling.

  • Customize your target profiles

    Screen our network of Voice of Markets to create shared access communities, custom designed to your specifications.

  • Leverage easy to use tools

    Analyze and interpret complicated information with our easy to understand tools.

Knowledge Base


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Listening to the voice of the market

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