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The 4 motivations that drive a winning brand [webinar featuring Bruce Philp]

The 4 motivations that drive a winning brand [webinar featuring Bruce Philp]

‰”Although we may not yet know what the end game looks like, that ball today is squarely in the consumer‰’s court‰.” — Bruce Philp in an interview with

Business leaders and marketers know that building and managing a brand is not trivial. It requires understanding your customers‰’ changing demands. It involves listening deeply. It means evolving your brand to stay relevant.

To make things more complicated, today‰’s customer is more empowered‰ – meaning marketers have less control of their brands than ever.

So, how can you build brands that resonate with the evolving needs of the empowered customer?

In our webinar, The Four Motivations that Drive a Winning Brand, we‰’ve invited a branding expert to help answer this question. Bruce Philp, renowned speaker, principal at Heuristic Branding, and author of Consumer Republic, will join Nick Stein, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Vision Critical, to discuss how companies can better understand their customers and build winning brands.

At a time when customers call the shots, it‰’s critical to understand what motivates people when choosing one brand over another. Please join this Vision Critical webinar on September 3rd at 10AM PDT/1PM EDT to learn more.

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