Better, Faster Market Insight

Sparq is a customer insight platform where brands directly interact with communities of opted-in, highly engaged, well-profiled customers to shorten the feedback loop that improves market understanding and strengthens the customer journey.

An insight community is composed of your most trusted stakeholders—your customers, partners, employees, fans, donors or alumni. Insight communities allow you as a market researcher to reach thousands of people in an ongoing, two-way dialogue and get a comprehensive understanding of their preferences, attitudes and motivations.

Listen to, learn from and action the opinions of your customers

Recruit targeted customer personas & segments

Continuously build and enrich member profiles

Drive deeper insight through targeted activities

Share insights back to improve member engagement

The Enterprise Guide to Customer Intelligence

Deepen your understanding of modern customer intelligence and transform the collective wisdom of your customers into a potent competitive advantage.

Must-Have Toolkit for Market Researchers

All the resources you need to navigate changes in the industry and elevate your career in market research.

Engage your customers in a branded environment that strengthens the customer journey

Customer-Driven Product Innovation

Expedite your product innovation cycle by collecting feedback
in hours or days, not weeks and months, to drive product
strategy, feature development and user experience decisions.

  • Incorporate customer-backed insight into your
    development process
  • Dig into telemetry data to continuously iterate and
    improve product development
  • Proactively identify customer requests by exploring
    indicators from other data sources

Improve Marketing Effectiveness

Identify shifting customer priorities and improve campaign
targeting by learning the motivation behind the buying
behaviors of your target customers.

  • Understand who your customers are and dispel
    institutionalized assumptions about buying
    segments with customer data
  • Identify new placement, product, pricing and
    promotional opportunities that drive topline growth
  • Improve customer recapture rates and pull lost
    customers back into the marketing funnel

Better Customer Experience

Improve customer satisfaction and reduce churn by learning
about customer preferences the customers who most want you
to succeed and have the greatest expectations of your business.

  • Improve key measures of customer satisfaction, like
    NPS and CSAT
  • Create memorable, positive customer experiences for
    every touchpoint
  • Data to drive customer journey changes that enhance
    the overall experience
  • Educate business partners to humanize the most
    important parts of the customer journey

Faster Access to Customer Insights

Ensure relevant insights are available to the business to
inform decisions about market opportunity, products,
services, and the customer experience.

  • Fast access to data-derived insights to optimize
    customer acquisition, marketing initiatives, and product
  • Provide analysis to inform strategic direction on
    business issues and opportunities, optimize business
    performance and minimize risk
  • Manage multiple data types (master data, web analytics
    data, voice of customer data, financial metrics, digital
    adoption data and operational data) to formulate,
    validate and share high-value, actionable insights
  • Improve downstream KPIs (i.e. revenue, churn, NPS, etc.)

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