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Learn how GoDaddy integrates real-time insight to its product development and UX workflow

For most tech companies, customer insight is out of sync with the innovation process.


Nearly 50% of product managers say conducting market research to validate ideas is their number one challenge today*. Traditional ways of doing product research (advisory boards, focus groups and one-on-one interviews) capture the feedback of only a small subset of users and don’t keep up with the speed of agile development cycles. This inability to integrate agile, ongoing customer insight into the product innovation cycle increases the risk of failure and creates opportunities for nimbler competitors.

To get actionable, ongoing insight, GoDaddy launched an online community that allows teams to engage with thousands of opted-in, deeply profiled customers.

Watch our story featuring GoDaddy to learn how this leading tech company:


  • Uses customer insight to iterate and reduce risks in product development
  • Engages with targeted customer groups based on specific interests and preferences
  • Continuously refines its product development and go-to-market strategies
  • Runs nearly twice as many research activities without impacting budget

*Mind the Product, “The biggest challenge for product managers?”, Christian Bonilla, October 25, 2016.

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Our insight community provides customer feedback at the speed
required by our business and at a fraction of the cost of panel resources.

– Cassie Mally, Director UX Research, GoDaddy