Andrew Reid shares his thoughts on leadership, innovation and consumer insight

Andrew Reid shares his thoughts on leadership, innovation and consumer insight

Vision Critical Founder, President and Chief Product Officer Andrew Reid recently sat down with Survey Magazine for its Top Technology Trendsetter 2014 issue.

Out now, Andrew shared his thoughts on innovation and what it means to be a technology leader in the March edition of the magazine. Here are some points worth noting:

On technology innovation:

‰”Surround yourself with as many technology leaders as possible with an aim to learn about how its impacting industries far removed from market research. Be curious, ask questions and have a vision for the future.‰”

On leadership:

‰”The best leaders I know inspire and make an impact when they aren‰’t present. They create an infectious enthusiasm that makes the people around them strive to push their boundaries and unlock new levels of achievement.‰”

On the future of technology:

‰”We need to stop treating people like lab rats. It‰’s our job to make research more intrinsic. We know a lot about people through their social and behavioral data, so we should be asking intelligent, relevant questions. We should also be sharing insight with the participant‰ – it‰’s key to the future.‰”

Grab a copy of Survey Magazine or view the digital version to read the article.

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