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The 4 Black Friday Shopper types (updated for 2014)

The 4 Black Friday Shopper types (updated for 2014)

Last year, we looked at the four shopper types that dominate the post-Thanksgiving holiday shopping period. As customers have become more empowered by mobile, social and cloud technologies in the last 12 months, we couldn‰’t help but wonder whether these shopper personas have remained the same.

And in just one year, things are shifting. From the role that mobile plays in the path to purchase to the importance of e-newsletters and promotions in driving foot and web traffic, Black Friday shoppers have evolved.

The evolution of these shoppers highlights the need for ongoing customer intelligence. As shopper preferences and attitudes evolve over time, companies need to continuously build a two-way relationship with customers. Building a community of your customers and engaging with them on a regular basis helps drive business results because it ensures that you have a clear and up-to-date understanding of the very people you are trying to reach.

See the updated infographic below.

4 Types of Black Friday Shoppers

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