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Focusing on customer relationships has never been more important. Forrester says that insight-driven businesses are now on track to steal $1.2 trillion in market share by 2020. In today’s insight-hungry world, the market researchers who can help bring companies closer to the customer are set to thrive.

In our new e-book, Leaders of Change: How influential researchers reimagine customer relationships and insight, industry expert Ray Poynter handpicks 10 market researchers who are doing exactly that.

What do influential market researchers have in common?

The researchers featured in Leaders of Change were selected based on the following criteria:

  • They help build customer relationships that enhance long-term customer value
  • They have widely demonstrated the ROI of market research in their organizations
  • They are shaping the future of customer relationship intelligence
  • They pioneer methodologies and new ways of gathering and distributing insight

10 influential market researchers

Here’s a quick sneak peek of the researchers featured in the e-book. Download the e-book to learn more about the impressive accomplishments of these research leaders.

  Stan Sthanunathan is executive vice president of consumer and market insights at Unilever. He is regarded as one of the most widely known client-side insight leaders today.
  Madhumita Chakraborty is associate director at PepsiCo, where she leads a team responsible for insights on household names like Lays, Doritos and Cheetos.
  Shannon Chenoweth is senior market research manager of strategic insights at Stanley Black & Decker. A product innovation leader, Shannon’s work helps the company save about $1 million in research costs per year while delivering actionable insight faster than before.
  Sjoerd Koornstra is the global CMI planner at Heineken. A longstanding member of the research community, Sjoerd leverages his deep experience to challenge the industry’s perspectives on the agency-client relationship.
  Jake Steadman, senior director of internal and agency research at Twitter, is a board member of the MRS, the UK’s market research society. He pioneered #IPASocialWorks, a project that seeks to establish good practice in social media effectiveness for the study.
  May May Wong is customer experience strategist at Asia Miles. She uses her expertise to help researchers in Asia understand and adopt the design thinking process in their roles.
  Tyler Kettle leads Google’s International Insight Program. He manages a team working on scaling UX research for over 100 Google products.
  Rebecca Haller is managing director of audience insights and data at POLITICO. Among Rebecca’s recent accomplishments include helping POLITICO increase its unique podcast listeners by 75% and helping drive $5 million in additional revenue in just 8 months.
  Sam Trimboli is consumer insights specialist at Price Chopper Supermarkets – Market 32. One of research’s rising stars, Sam’s work has influenced marketing and rebranding initiatives that led to increase in sales.
  Kate Pinkham is VP of consumer insights and marketing intelligence at Wolverine Worldwide, the $2.7-billion manufacturer of iconic footwear brands. Kate’s team drives sales by helping retail partners validate their purchasing decisions using consumer feedback.


Learn from the leaders

In Leaders of Change, Ray shares some key learnings from these influential researchers, including ways they’ve built stronger customer relationships and delivered more ROI. The stories of these researchers will inspire you and provide ideas on how you can bring more value to your company more than ever before.

Leaders of change

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