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Vision Critical is headed to the Automotive CX Summit in Marina del Rey, California, on June 20 to 21. The conference promises to provide actionable information to help automakers, dealers and finance companies improve customer experience. With industry sales softening, now is a critical time to listen and implement key takeaways.

Here are three of the sessions we’ll be exploring at this year’s conference:

1. How Cadillac put customers in the driver’s seat in the luxury hybrid market

In the $100-billion hybrid car market, Cadillac is focusing on providing unforgettable customer experiences as it launches new products and builds on its illustrious legacy of luxury. Launch and Lifestyle Marketing Manager Eric Angeloro will share customer engagement best practices to support the go-to-market strategy for the Cadillac CT6 PLUG-IN.

When: June 21, 9:15 am – 10 am

Why we’re excited: All automakers can benefit from learning how to be more customer-led in their go-to-market strategy, especially in the critical alternate fuel segment—a space expected to grow significantly in volume and market share over the coming years.

2. The connection between the employee and customer experience

This session featuring Chuck Kendig, assistant VP of logistics, sales and production planning at American Honda, will address the two-way connection between the customer and employee experiences.

When: June 20, 4:00 pm – 4:45 pm

Why we’re excited:  The correlation between employee engagement and customer experience is well known in traditional retail, but automotive companies are not widely recognized as leaders in this area. Enhancing employee engagement represents a tremendous opportunity for auto manufacturers, retailers and finance companies, all of whom have direct contact with vehicle owners.

3. Sparking the retail revolution: Shifting retail online

In a world where we buy nearly everything online, why has it taken the automotive retail sector so long to get to online retailing? Max Steckler, chief product officer at CDK Global, will offer tools and strategies for automotive retail and mobility.

When: June 20, 8:10 am – 8:30 am

Why we’re excited: New market entrants are disrupting the automotive space with creative models meant to appeal to consumers who are frustrated with the way things are today. Industry players must accelerate their customer-led change to offer customers the experience they want, using the best digital and mobile technology available.

Aside from the informative presentations, we also excited for:

4. The networking

One of the best aspects of industry conferences is the opportunity to network with peers and make new contacts. We’re excited to spend time with a group of like-minded professionals across the spectrum of the automotive industry, all focused on our most important asset: our customers.

I also have the pleasure of co-presenting this year with Vision Critical CEO Scott Miller. On June 20, Scott and I will share our thoughts on the Authenticity Challenge in the auto industry and why building genuine trust with customers is key to improving CX. If you’re heading to the Automotive CX Summit, please look for us there.

Interested but not registered? Reach out to me for a discount code.

The Vision Critical Auto CX Summit 2017 team:

  • Paula Skier – Director, Automotive
  • Scott Miller – CEO
  • Mike Dieterle – Vice President, Sales
  • Richard Clarke – Vice President, Key Global Partner Development
  • Manny Alamwala – Senior Business Development Associate

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