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At the 2015 Vision Critical Summit, a significant portion of attendees came from the healthcare industry. The strong representation from healthcare companies speaks to the evolving nature and significant challenges facing this industry.

Intense regulatory pressures, escalating competition and a rapidly aging population are common hurdles. Patients are also becoming more critical of the care they receive, sharing their opinions widely and loudly on social media. Federal laws like the Affordable Care Act in the U.S. also disrupts the way companies in the industry do business.

In this evolving landscape, how can healthcare providers thrive? These three insights from the Summit offer some answers.

  1. Enable a patient-focused health care.

Becoming patient-centric is more critical than ever for health care organizations. As the industry becomes more competitive, patients are becoming activity engaged in their health care. Summit speakers said empowered patients are more value-driven, price sensitive and convenience-oriented than ever before.

At the same time, healthcare organizations are seeing more diverse consumer segments. To keep these disparate groups happy, companies need deep customer understanding.

The big challenge for healthcare companies is to inspire their teams to think differently about the empowered patient. To be more customer-centric, companies should be committed to listening to their patients and using that insight to make better business decisions.

  1. Use your resources more effectively.

The healthcare system is increasingly becoming consumer-oriented, with patients finding healthcare providers in the same ways that they might find retailers: using mobile devices, or by reading review sites, blogs and what other patients are saying on social media. Healthcare providers need to be smarter in the way they allocate their marketing dollars.

Patient intelligence can help drive investment by revealing the top marketing channels that patients already use. By talking directly to patients, healthcare organizations can also make smarter media purchases and allocate marketing dollars to campaigns that actually reach their target audience.

Continuous patient engagement also helps ensure that the content that you’re producing resonates with the right target audience. A deeper understanding of your patient base ensures that the tone and the voice in your marketing assets speak their language, increasing the chances of success of your marketing programs.

  1. Deliver better products and services.

Empowered patients want products and services that will make it easier for them to access quality healthcare. As patients take a more active role in their health care, they expect their healthcare provider to demonstrate innovation and stay ahead of the technology curve. That’s where ongoing customer feedback can help. When healthcare organizations regularly engage with patients, determine opportunities to improve the patient experience and develop a holistic understanding of the motivations and attitudes of their customers, they’re in a better position to deliver products and services that improve patient care.


As consumerism continues to shape the healthcare industry, healthcare organizations need to become more patient-centric and build a lasting relationship with their customers. Everyone in the organization needs to embrace the empowered customer and become committed to infusing the voice of the patient at every level of the business.

To find out how top-performing healthcare organizations use insight communities to engage with their patients and other stakeholders, please check out Vision Critical’s health care solution.

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