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Why is it important for companies to show their love for customers? And more importantly, how can brands show today’s customers that they truly care?

These are some of the top questions we answer in our latest ebook, The Four Tenets of Customer Love, released today.

As we enter 2015, customers are more empowered than ever. They have enormous information about companies right at their fingertips—information that they can use to decide whether or not to commit to a business relationship with a brand. As we outline in the book, companies who don’t love and respect their customers today do so at their own peril.

What The Four Tenets of Customer Love is all about

The book explores why it’s more critical than ever for companies to show their love for customers. We reveal how embracing the ideals of love could help you deliver better products and more refined services.

The book is divided into several parts:

  1.  Customer love builds better brands.

Engaged customers can test the foundational elements of your company. But their insight can also shape the intangible and more powerful elements of your brand.

  1. Customer love humanizes data.

Companies are swimming with huge amounts of data from social media, CRM systems and other analytics tools. But Big Data’s big promise has so far been a big letdown. That’s because Big Data alone doesn’t provide insight on the motivations and preferences of today’s customers. Big Data lacks a human touch.

  1. Customer love drives results.

Customers today demand product and services that meet their expectations. Innovation is driven by customer preferences, not by the R&D team.

  1. Customer love means collaboration.

Today’s always-on customer knows more about your products and services than you do. Often, they even know more about your competitors. While it makes sense to let customers drive innovation, collaboration with them requires a thoughtful process that respects people’s time and that allows the best ideas to surface up.

  1. Make the commitment to love your customer.

The first step to loving your customers is making a commitment to truly engage with them. Learn the 7 steps you can take today to fully embrace the tenets of customer love in your enterprise.

Download the e-book:

If you’re serious about embracing customer-centricity in the new year, then you must prioritize customer love. Download the e-book and learn what you need to do to court and keep today’s customers.

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