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The 2018 APAC Customer Intelligence Summit commenced with round-table workshops on four key topics. This gave attendees the chance to network with peers, share ideas and demonstrate thought leadership in the space.

We have uncovered some key trends raised in each workshop. Here is a summary of the main themes and discussions highlighted across the crowd of participants.

Reprogramming your research mindset

This workshop allowed participants to dive deeper into how to future-proof their roles in research, as well as adapting their skill set to match the needs of organisations today.

Across the round-tables that tackled this topic, a recurring theme was the idea that as we accumulate more data in our technological world, we experience an increasing need for better data management and analysis. Upon fulfilling this need, it allows for internal and external stakeholders to have their requirements met in a timely manner; whether that’s actionable insights to drive the business or personalised experiences for consumers. For more information on Reprogramming your research mindsetcheck out the informative handout that workshop attendees received during the event.

Agile-ready research

By embracing a ‘Test, Learn and Refine’ research philosophy, this workshop uncovers how to support agile ways of working, iterative learning and a deep understanding of evolving customer needs. As discussed across the tables, the key outcome formed around the idea of connecting the dots with readily available data. By proactively presenting these insights, it allows teams working in agile to improve their processes, be open to different ideas and as a result, pivot where necessary. A key concept when working in agile is to manage expectations while holding colleagues accountable for their deadlines and results.This relates to having a clear purpose and working to achieve outcomes, rather than fulfilling processes. For more information on Agile-ready research, check out the informative handout that workshop attendees received during the event.

Beyond NPS: Longitudinal Research Innovation

This topic focuses on exploring groundbreaking insights and fresh thinking about how NPS scores shift and move, and the development of new thinking with this approach. The general consensus that was formed in this topic is that professionals face the challenge of explaining unpredictable shifts in NPS scores to various stakeholders. This is due to the ambiguity of the drivers behind these exact fluctuations in scores, encouraging many to question the validity of NPS and consequently discontinuing its use as a metric. For more information on Longitudinal research innovation, check out this informative handout that workshop attendees received during the event.

Accelerating your time to value: Your first 90 days

Exploring the potential of what can be achieved within the first 90 days of leveraging the Vision Critical solution, this workshop shares how to accelerate the time to value by learning proven strategies, tactics and use cases of REAL clients. A key theme that was presented across the group that participated in this workshop is that there is an increasing need to share findings with stakeholders in a story-told format. This facilitates getting buy-in to the program and can help encourage the allocation of resources for enablement. For more information on Accelerating your time to value, check out this informative handout workshop attendees received during the event.


The trends identified across these four key topics prove the constantly changing nature of research, as well as the need to create solutions in order to keep up and stay relevant. By networking and workshopping with peers in the space to achieve actionable outcomes, it can help to surface new and modern ways of thinking, as well as create individual and business opportunities. With comments like “I wish I could attend all the workshop sessions”, the value of these exercises are quite clear.

If you are looking for more resources from the 2018 APAC Customer Intelligence Summit, check out The Must-Have Toolkit for Progressive Insights Professionals.

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