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What do your customers really think and feel? At Vision Critical, we use insight communities to help the world's top brands answer that question every day. Companies like Discovery, NASCAR and Yahoo! use these private market research panels to talk directly with their customers, test their ads in real time and get the insights that power real business innovation.

We're always looking for the next frontier in consumer insight, and the next set of tools that can help our customers gain an even deeper understanding of what their customers want. That's why we're headed to SXSW in Austin for a deep dive into the latest tech, tools and tactics that will expand and inspire our approach to consumer insight. Here are a few of the sessions we're looking forward to, in each of the 5 key themes we'll be delving into this year at SXSW:

Generation Social

Join Vision Critical and HootSuite for a screening of Generation Social on Monday, March 11th at 3pm at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. You'll meet some of Vancouver's social media leaders and find out what our survey of 80,000 social media users revealed about your invisible audience online.

  1. Theme: Social customers

    Session: The Social Customer Service Shift
    Summary: Get the inside scoop on how Southwest Airlines, Samsung, JPMorgan Chase and others have used social media as a customer service channel.
    Why we're excited: Our survey of 80,000 social media users painted a more nuanced picture of who companies are hearing from when they tune into social media as a customer intelligence channel. We're eager to hear how smart companies think about what they hear through social media, and how that factors into their social customer service strategy.

  2. Theme: The future of social networking
    Session: The Rise of Contextual Social Networks
    Summary: Featuring Nate Johnson of Path, Sarah Leary of Nextdoor, Colleen Taylor of TechCrunch and Francesca Levy of LinkedIn Today dig into the phenomenon of private social networks, asking whether these new networks meet the social needs of users who feel lost on "one size fits all" sites.
    Why we're excited: Insight communities succeed when the community experience is a great one. Since these communities follow many of the same principles and practices as social networks, we want to hear what smaller-scale networks at Path are doing to recruit, engage and retain their users.
  3. Theme: Crowdsourcing
    Session: Crowdsourcing Digital Device Design
    Summary: Peter Hoddie of Marvell, Morgan Knutson of DropBox and Stephen Spencer of MAYA Design facilitate a real-time exercise in crowdsourced ideation by inviting the room to participate in the hands-on creation of new gadgets from a grab-bag of parts.
    Why we're excited: We're constantly experimenting with new ways of engaging consumers in product ideation and development, which is why we're looking forward to all the opportunities SXSW provides to check out new crowdsourcing tools and tactics. But a session with hands-on gadget-making? It's a no-brainer.
  4. Theme: Social media measurement
    Session: Social Media Was Fun. Has Measurement Killed it?
    Summary: Execs from Klout and Simply Measured show you how to make the most of your own online data trail.
    Why we're excited: Social data is the perfect complement to the opinion data we gather through Insight Communities: together, you can find out what people do and why they do it. This session is a chance to hear the latest creative thinking on social data, and how to put it to work for consumers.
  5. Theme: Social and data startups
    Session: The Lean Startup
    Summary: A special day within SXSW, focused on case studies and best practices to help startups succeed.
    Why we're excited: Vision Critical clients use insight communities in conjunction with a wide range of other research and analytics tools, ranging from MicroStrategy's Wisdom to our own recently acquired DiscoverText, which will give our customers new ways of analyzing open text responses. We love discovering new software and new companies that can extend what we do for our customers, so this is a chance to find the next exciting startups by diving into the crowd. And we love sharing what we know about how to learn from and about your customer, so be sure to look for us and say hi!
If you're thinking about what we're thinking about -- or you want to find out more about Insight Communities, invisible customers or the secret truth about Canadians, look for us at in Austin or on the Twitter backchannel. And enjoy your time in Austin!
Our team at SXSW Interactive:
Andrew Reid, Founder, President & Chief Product Officer - @reidAndrew on Twitter
Mirjana Mihaljcic, VP of Strategy & Development
Cailey Asher, Director of Strategy & Development
Alexandra Samuel, VP of Social Media - @awsamuel on Twitter

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