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Financial institutions have a trust problem. Only 49 percent of the general population ‘moderately trusts’ financial institutions. And Millennials, who are 80 million-strong in the U.S. alone, trust tech giants like Google more than banks.

To win back consumer trust, leaders in the finance industry need to consider becoming more customer centric. To get there, they need to rethink their marketing, product and customer experience strategies—and improve what they know about their customers. Our upcoming Customer Intelligence Summit in Chicago, this September 20-21, is a great place to start.

Here are six must-attend Summit sessions for finance professionals and leaders, just like you.

Sun Life Financial shows how to make every shareholder count

To fully understand the customer journey requires open, continuous feedback from customers, employees, leadership and partners. Take Sun Life Financial, for example. Sun Life gathers feedback from multiple shareholders in order to make informed decisions about the best way to engage and improve services.

Hear from Lindsey Colella, analytics and insights associate director at Sun Life Financial, as she explores how employees and partners can advise on how to improve relationships with them and customers. Colella will share how to manage several insight communities and target different shareholders more effectively.

Alliant Energy builds the ultimate end-to-end customer journey

Consider every interaction your customers have with customer service, marketing and sales teams, as well as online and mobile services, in order to improve your customer journey. Mike Thiede, customer experience consultant at Alliant Energy, will share his tips on how to work collaboratively across global organizations to be more customer centric. Join him during his strategy breakout session and discover how to identify moments in the customer journey that could be more seamless—and produce a memorable experience.

Insurance Australia Group (IAG) brings customers into the creative process

Incorporating customer feedback into the creative process can be very insightful. Insurance Australia Group, for example, uses real-time customer intelligence to create compelling content marketing campaigns that customers already approved. Rather than relying on third-party market researchers or agencies, IAG easily gathers feedback directly from its insight community. Join Mei Toh, research consultant at IAG, as she shares what content should be vetted by your insight community, what cost savings to expect and the importance of customer intelligence in the creative process.

Ray Poynter shares secrets to winning the research revolution

In a world of faster, cheaper and better, getting to know the customer is a now a part of everyone’s job. For this very reason, it’s time for market researchers to step up and share their expertise. Hang your lab coat at the door and join market research leader Ray Poynter as he shares how to thrive by expanding your role across the organization—and making yourself irreplaceable.

Andrew Reid envisions a world without friction

Today’s consumers want effortless experiences. Financial service companies wanting to improve the range and seamlessness of their offerings are turning to new technologies. In 2015 alone, financial technology (fintech) companies received $21.6 billion in venture funding.

Don’t let slow and clunky service interfere with your overall brand experience, customer satisfaction and loyalty. Join Andrew Reid, Vision Critical’s founder and president of corporate innovation, as he explores how to transform customer intelligence into a frictionless experience.

Vision Critical’s CEO challenges you to be authentic

While Baby Boomers tend to trust companies with a long history and fast service, younger generations are drawn to more authentic and personable brands. This is especially important when you consider that Millennials control $600 billion in annual spending and stand to inherit $30 trillion from their Boomer parents. In order for financial companies to earn new business and loyalty among Millennials, they must practice openness, transparency and honesty.

Vision Critical CEO Scott Miller will share how the world’s leading companies found success by becoming more authentic—and focusing on nurturing real relationships with customers.

Vision Critical’s upcoming Customer Intelligence Summit has something for everyone. Hear how the world’s leading brands are growing with customer intelligence.

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