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Patients today are just as likely to switch health care providers as they are to try a new hotel with a reputation for better service. Health care organizations are in jeopardy of losing consumer loyalty because of slow, expensive service and too many bad experiences.

Patients are no longer passive receivers of a diagnosis,” Bill Bunting, the director of health care solutions at EMC, explains. “They are consumers and active participants in their own care.”

At the upcoming Customer Intelligence Summit in Chicago, health care professionals and leaders will learn new strategies to thrive in this time of unprecedented disruption.

To ensure you make the most of the Summit, here are six must-attend sessions for health care professionals:

Cleveland Clinic and HealthPartners analyze the rise of empowered patients

The rise of the empowered health care consumer has forced many organizations to act. Join Misti Allison, market research analyst at Cleveland Clinic, and Kay Schmitt, director of market research at HealthPartners, at their breakout Summit session to learn how major health care organizations are improving experience and engaging with consumers. They’ll discuss how to create a seamless end-to-end patient experience and share valuable lessons in customer centricity.

Vision Critical founder shares the importance of frictionless experiences

If 2015 was the year of ‘always on,’ 2016 is all about simplicity. Every customer experience, no matter the industry, must be seamless. Patients shouldn’t have to hear a busy signal every time they call a health care provider, especially when the Affordable Care Act makes it so easy for them to look elsewhere. Fifty-eight percent of Millennials, for instance, turn to Google to find health information. Why? Because it’s quick and simple.

Join Andrew Reid, Vision Critical founder and president of corporate innovation, as he explores how to create a frictionless customer experience. Learn how you can embrace the human side of customer intelligence and keep your empowered patients happy.

The University of Chicago Medicine makes patient feedback a priority

health care unsplashAn integral step in creating a frictionless experience is to put the patient at the center of your organization. This requires every department to make customer feedback and understanding changing customer needs a priority. Many health care organizations will need to remove silos to be more collaborative and strategic.

Learn best practices from Stephanie Preshon-Baker, marketing research manager at The University of Chicago Medicine. She will co-host an action breakout session on how to develop a holistic approach to customer experience—and win back patients’ loyalty by working as a cohesive team.

Lancaster General Health sets itself up for patient success

To ensure you’re set up for success, we assembled three outstanding brands that launched new insight communities this year. Each brand will share its top learnings and best practices for successful setup. Join Alesha Rhinier, customer engagement project manager at Lancaster General Health, as she discusses how to strategize, set goals and establish check-ins to measure success. Rhinier will talk about how she mobilized her stakeholders and got early wins from her community—and how you can do the same.

Health care patients demand the latest in technology

“Patients, payers and politicians are demanding [innovation],” writes Dr. Paul E. Plsek, author of Accelerating Health Care Transformation with Lean and Innovation: The Virginia Mason Experience. “History shows that organizations that fail to deliver it will suffer.”

It’s important to stay on top of rapidly changing customer expectations. That’s why we always strive to give you the latest technology. Join Divesh Sisodraker, EVP of product at Vision Critical, to get a first look at our new product and services that will give you a leg up on what empowered patients want—and set you apart from competition.

OSF Healthcare drives marketing and sales growth with patient feedback

It’s time for your organization to drive marketing and sales growth using customer intelligence. After 17 years in the health care industry, Andrea Bonk, CRM and market research coordinator at OSF Healthcare, has a lot to share. Join Bonk at her strategy breakout Summit session to learn how to define success, incorporate patients in strategy development and use insight to guide multi-million-dollar decisions.

Learn more about the Customer Intelligence Summit and other inspirational thought leaders and global brands in attendance.

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