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Sixty-one percent of global executives are concerned with the immense speed of technological changes in their industry. Technology is setting into motion digital transformation across every organization. It’s especially changing how enterprise companies market, sell and operate.

In the technology industry itself, we’re beginning to see enterprises adapt new business models that are better aligned to changing consumer needs. They’re finding that the best competitive advantage for tech companies is deep and meaningful customer intelligence.

The Customer Intelligence Summit in Chicago this September 20-21 is a great opportunity to hear about the latest trends in customer feedback and tech. This year’s Summit features 18 sessions on strategy, best practices and innovation, more than 30 global brands and six thought leaders who will change how you think about the role of tech companies in the world today.

Here are six must-attend Summit sessions for tech professionals and leaders like you:

LinkedIn unlocks meaning from Big Data

LinkedIn currently has approximately 400 million registered members in its career and professional networking site. To make sure the social network can support its growing user base around the globe, LinkedIn constantly adds data center capacity. In 2015, for example, the company’s storage and computing needs grew more than 30 percent.

With so much data collection, storage and distribution taking place, LinkedIn has become an expert in giving context to and finding actionable insight from Big Data. Join Tony Tong, senior market researcher at LinkedIn, at the Summit to hear how he uses customer feedback to add meaning to data. Find out how to zero in on what really matters from a range of sources and speed up the decision-making process.

GoDaddy sets itself up for success

The internet-services delivery space is shaping up to be a strong industry for the future, with GoDaddy leading the charge. GoDaddy is a publicly traded web hosting company and internet domain registrar with more than 61 million domain names.

To help customers build their website, grow their business and get found online, GoDaddy needs to know who its customers are and what services they require. Join Cassie Mally, director of UX at GoDaddy, as she shares how the company launched the GoDaddy Customer Council, an insight community of 4,400 end-users. She’ll talk about how to activate stakeholders, plan for and launch an insight community and get early wins.

How to create a seamless customer experience

Consumers are now accustomed to the smooth online services of companies like Uber, Amazon or Airbnb, and any interaction that interferes with this seamless experience can affect loyalty and satisfaction.

Traditional research methods go against what we now know about creating a frictionless experience because they tend to be impersonal, failing to establish the necessary human connection between a brand and consumer. Join Andrew Reid, founder and president of corporate innovation at Vision Critical, as he explores how to use research to build authentic relationships and establish a frictionless experience.

Embrace agile product development with customers in mind

We now live in a buyer’s market. Consumers have more power than brands and can shift their loyalties and purchasing decisions on a whim. What brands can control, however, is customer intelligence. The insight gathered from customer intelligence tells product managers, marketers and other decision makers in technology departments not only the who, what, when and where, but also the why that Big Data can’t. So when 86 percent of people are swayed by negative reviews, brands can ask follow up questions to find out why—and how to change that.

To stay on top of changes in consumer behavior, you need the latest technology. Divesh Sisodraker, EVP product at Vision Critical, will showcase our latest innovations and share how you can use insight to improve customer experience, build stronger relationships and better products for the future.

How to build a more complete view of your customers

Developing a richer view of your customer base is a great way to start answering nagging questions around why some consumers are more inclined to convert on a particular landing page or download one app over another. The more an organization rallies behind the customer, the more likely goals, data and successes will become shared wins.

Join Anaud Ganpaul, senior director of product marketing, and Colin Kelso, senior product manager at Vision Critical, to hear how to integrate enterprise data into Vision Critical’s customer intelligence software, Sparq. Learn about Sparq integration workflows, get an API overview and discover how to use technology to build a comprehensive view of your customer.  

Stay competitive in a world of faster, better, cheaper

Everyone in the company is now in charge of getting to know the customer. Ray Poynter, market research expert, is calling this the ‘research revolution.’ He says it’s high time that market researchers share their expertise across the organization and empower others to get closer to customers.

Join Poynter in his keynote speech to learn how to avoid being replaced by automation and how to remain agile as technology—and the demand for better products and services—begins to pick up the pace.

Learn more about the Customer Intelligence Summit and other inspirational thought leaders and global brands in attendance.

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