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Customers’ shopping habits are changing dramatically because of the increasing ease and popularity of online shopping.

Amazon and other e-commerce options have forced bricks-and-mortar retailers like Macy’s to close 100 department stores. Walmart, which is closing 269 locations, recently paid $3.3 billion for the hot e-commerce startup, So far this year, nearly 44,000 U.S. retail employees have been laid off.

It’s time for retail leaders to consider new strategies to thrive during this time of incredible disruption. Join us at our upcoming Customer Intelligence Summit in Chicago and you’ll learn how brands have navigated similar challenges and found success in a competitive global market. Here are seven Summit sessions designed for retail experts like yourself:

Wolverine Worldwide and DEWALT stay competitive with product innovation

The advent of e-commerce expanded the retail market, giving consumers more options and enabling even greater global competition. For iconic brands like DEWALT and Wolverine, the pressure is on to create innovative, on-trend and durable products that consumers will love.

Join Kate Pinkham, director of consumer insights and market intelligence at Wolverine Worldwide, and Shannon Chenoweth, research manager at DEWALT, during their breakout Summit session on the secret to successful innovation. They’ll share how product teams define and measure success and the changing role of customer feedback in product development.

Carhartt gathers ongoing customer insight

According to its slogan, Carhartt has been ‘outworking them all since 1889’. This leading retail manufacturer supplies America with durable work clothing that can withstand any demanding job site or task. To meet this challenge, Carhartt requires ongoing customer intelligence.

Join Colleen Hau, senior manager of co-creation at Carhartt, for her strategy breakout Summit session on the benefits of ongoing insight. Learn tips for integrating customer feedback throughout product development and marketing campaigns, as well as how to guarantee product success.

Elizabeth Arden and Pet Supplies Plus on protecting the brand

How much does it cost to develop and market a product that flops? Launching a bad product can have serious repercussions on brand loyalty, trust and respect—not to mention the loss of time and resources. A company’s most value asset is its brand, and it must always be protected.

Learn brand protection strategies from Celia Tombalakian, senior director of consumer insights and product development at Elizabeth Arden, and Cleo Parker, marketing analyst at Pet Supplies Plus. They’ll share how to use customer intelligence to elevate and protect a brand, as well as insure that products and campaigns don’t flop.

Sherwin-Williams makes every stakeholder count

For 150 years, Sherwin-Williams has supported homeowners, professionals and DIYers alike as the nation’s largest specialty retailer of paint and painting supplies. Join Katie Kapferer, market research manager at Sherwin-Williams, to hear how she gathers feedback from multiple stakeholders, including customers, partners and employees, in order to make better informed decisions. For example, by listening to and bouncing ideas off of a DIY community, a painting professionals (B2B) community and an employee community, Kapferer improves customer experience across marketing and product development.

Tom Vanderbilt unlocks the mystery behind consumer taste

In our digital age of endless ‘likes’ and emoji-reactions, what forces affect our preferences and opinions toward one brand or retail product over another? If you’ve ever wondered why an idea or trend rises above all others, and why some products fizzle, then Tom Vanderbilt’s keynote presentation on why we like the things we like is the perfect session for you.

Journalist and best-selling author of You May Also Like, Vanderbilt combines his expertise in psychology, marketing and neuroscience to dive into the topic of taste—in an endless world of choice. Get into the minds of your retail consumers and discover how your brand can stand out.

Jeanne Bliss on the five decisions of beloved brands

Jeanne Bliss has been an expert in customer experience since before it was cool. She’s helped brands like Microsoft, Allstate and Land’s End create a results-based customer experience program. Join Bliss for her keynote presentation, where she’ll share the five decisions of beloved and prosperous companies. Learn how brands can thrive by better understanding how decisions impact customers, employees and business growth.

Andrew Reid on simplifying every customer experience

To remain competitive, retailers need to pursue frictionless shopping experiences. Any unnecessary purchasing hurdles or hidden fees will spook online shoppers, sending them browsing elsewhere. The Amazon Dash program, for example, shifted from an annoying, scannable barcode to a simple push of a button, making it easier for customers to re-order their favorite products over and over again. Join Andrew Reid, Vision Critical founder and president of corporate innovation, as he explores how to create a frictionless shopping experience

Learn more about the Customer Intelligence Summit and other inspirational thought leaders and global brands in attendance.

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