Customer Intelligence

Why traditional surveys annoy customers (and what marketers can do about it)

For decades, companies have relied on ad hoc surveys to learn about their customers. But at a time when customers hold more power to broadcast their opinions, are traditional surveys still a relevant source of customer insight? … Continued

Customer Intelligence

3 #VCSummit takeaways for healthcare companies

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Business Strategy

Why big data alone is an inadequate source of customer intelligence

With a compounded annual growth rate of 26 percent from 2013 to 2018, big data is big business. But is the big investment in big data resulting in ROI? … Continued

Business Strategy

How not to talk to your angriest customers: 4 mistakes to avoid

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Business Strategy

How customer love humanizes big data

Becoming customer-centric takes commitment and effort. The first step is to redefine your relationship with customers and recognize they are people, not data points. … Continued


The 4 Tenets of Customer Love: A New Vision Critical E-book

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