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For the last four weeks, we’ve been on tour. Over 500 insights, marketing, product, and customer experience (CX) professionals joined Vision Critical at our global Insights Day event series in New York City, London, Paris, and San Francisco to talk about the present and the future of the insights industry. We are at the precipice of a very pivotal time for the industry. Over a year into GDPR, Nevada's privacy law passing, CCPA rolling out in California in a few short months, and other states and countries expected to follow, customer insights and data privacy are in the headlines every day.  

In fact, upon our return from Insights Day in London, the CJEU ruled that businesses using simple checkboxes for consent to collect cookies were not in compliance with GDPR. This ruling solidifies every conversation that we engaged in throughout the Insights Day series—that active consent, earned through repeatedly engaging customers, is essential to gaining access to the valuable insights within customer data.

CX and marketing professionals doing the hard work have a fantastic opportunity to capitalize on the changing consent landscape to dig deeper to actively earn consent from their customers. Ongoing and repeated conversations yield insights that serve to improve the customer journey as well as your business’s bottom line. The Vision Critical Sparq platform simplifies the job of earning consent, and tomorrow we will introduce features that further enhance an organization's ability to actively earn customer consent. These features not only simplify the job of insights and marketing professionals, but they enrich the customer experience, delivering tangible value back to the client while increasing your ROI.

See You at Forrester CX SF

Excitement surrounds us as we prepare to share how to use transparency to build trust with customers at Forrester’s CX Conference in San Francisco later this week. At the event's opening breakfast, we will discuss the opportunity that businesses have to move past regulatory compliance and into transparent customer engagement that opens doors to profound insights.

Delivering an elevated customer experience starts with active consent—not just a pre-populated checkbox on your website. Active consent isn’t just about compliance—it’s the future of direct customer data collection and use. This isn’t only the core of the Sparq platform; it's a tenet of how Vision Critical works. We seek out ways to make doing the hard stuff a little bit easier to propel businesses forward towards the future of customer insights.

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