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Even with the most engaging subject line, or beautifully designed activity invitation, a quick distraction can cause a member of your community to forget to complete your activity. That’s where the activity reminder come in!

Reminders can be sent according to Participation Status filters. For example:

  • Members that started the activity, but did not complete it
  • Members that were invited but didn’t start

We recommend including both of these filters!

Most completes to your activities will come in the first 1-2 days after sending out the initial invitation. So, what boost can be expected from sending a reminder? Compared to the number of responses typically garnered from an original invitation, the power of reminders is limited. It is estimated that a community member is five times more likely to respond to your initial invite than to the 1st reminder, and their likelihood to respond to second or third reminders continues to diminish. Due to the diminishing returns, you can fairly accurately estimate your total completion rate after your first reminder is launched.

Here is a visual representation of the boost you might expect from sending reminders. Keep in mind, the performance of each reminder will vary community to community.

When should a reminder be scheduled for?

We recommend scheduling a reminder 3-4 days after the initial invitation. If you are unsure whether to use a secondary reminder, consider the balance of the experience for your members:

  • When your next scheduled activity will launch
  • What other communications you might be sending in that time period (ex: newsletters, articles, other touch points from your business, etc.).

Other Tips and Resources:

  • Subject Line: Test various subject lines similar to how you would for an initial invite. Some communities will respond better to a sense of urgency (ex: Only 3 days left to tell us your thoughts!), while others might have a higher click rate if the subject line is more casual (ex: friendly reminder: We’ve love your feedback!)
    • Here is an interesting article showcasing some strong subject lines that you can leverage for your next reminder emails
  • Timing: It is recommended to use what you know about your customers, either by testing on your insight community or by speaking with your Marketing department in terms of what time is most effective for activity invitations and reminders
  • Learn how to send a reminder here
  • Target your reminders to specific audiences
  • Open Rate Tracking for Invitations & Reminders
  • Distribution Best Practices

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Christy Ransom

Christy has been “customer centric” since before it was even a tenet of modern business. For well over a decade, Christy has lead Vision Critical’s customer success teams, focused on community recruitment and member engagement best practices. She expertly directs the Sparq Next community, fostering the full customer journey, supporting customers to ensure they get the highest ROI from their insight community, leading the development of the education team, creating the curriculum for both customers and employees, and developing best practices in insight community management.

Her insights into customer success can be found in the Global Research Business Network Engage Handbook and The Insights Revolution: Questioning Everything. When Christy isn’t researching and celebrating customer success, find her harvesting cherries from her backyard trees in the wine country region of British Columbia.

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