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Aurora Health Care is on a mission to help people live well. This commitment means making it simple for patients to access health care and medical information. 

In a recent webinar, Darrell Beneker, director of consumer insights at Aurora Health Care, shared how the company uses ongoing insight to inform customer experience (CX) initiatives that create a seamless end-to-end patient journey.

Stop thinking one size fits all 

Just as they do with consumer brands, patients expect a personalized experience today from their health care providers and the people who treat them. For Beneker, every touchpoint with Aurora Health Care should offer a positive experience, which is why it’s essential to create a seamless end-to-end communication journey. 

At Aurora Health Care, this is a three-step process: understand how each market segment approaches healthcare; identify pain points in the digital journey; and develop personalized messaging for each step of the journey. 

“What this boils down to is the need to get communication right and drop the one-size-fits-all experience,” said Beneker. “We want to focus on getting communication to the right place, channel, device, information, message, frequency and timing.” 

Get insight, STAT 

Good health care requires a quick diagnosis, and that’s why Aurora Heath Care has an insight community. The community's discussion forum offers a quick pulse of what patients are saying, while ongoing feedback from the Aurora Health Share community has been essential to create a truly patient-centric organization.  

Ongoing feedback informs the organization’s segmentation strategy and deepens understanding of how different patients approach health care, such as hard-to-reach millennials. Beneker said this insight also been essential to position high-growth areas of the business in the market. 

“It’s informed new and growing areas for us, like sports health and building our e-care service,” he said.  

Validate critical business decisions 

Aurora Health Share is also prescriptive when it comes to strategy, said Beneker. Feedback from the membership has not only helped grow new areas but also created a significant uptick in activity on the myAurora patient portal and the corporate website. 

The myAurora portal connects patients to their medical information, as well as offering online scheduling and billing options. Insight from the community has helped Beneker’s team identify the portal’s most popular features, which has been essential to prioritize messaging, as well as test potential enhancements.  

Beneker said implementing feedback from the insight community resulted in a 77% increase in patients signing up for the portal, while bookings through myAurora increased by 36%.  

Customer feedback should go viral 

Aurora Health Care leverages feedback from the insight community throughout the organization for new CX initiatives, said Beneker. Patient feedback is essential to understand challenges, validate messaging and promote products and services. He said demographic and attitudinal profile data provided a foundation for segmentation in its customer relationship management strategy, enables targeted messages and services, and guided its approach to email marketing. 

The success of Aurora Health Share has also influenced the creation of employee engagement community. “With 34,000 employees, this insight gives us a 360-degree view of our organization.” 

Patient insight should be prescriptive 

The Aurora Health Share community demonstrates the benefits of engaging stakeholders early and often with actionable data, as well why it's important to be proactive with research. Today’s health care organizations need strategic partners within their own walls to create and support new initiatives that boost CX. 

The right prognosis for CX with Aurora Health Care

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