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Over the last year, the pace of change has continued to intensify for marketing, product management and customer experience professionals in the tech space. It’s a challenge to keep up with the latest thinking and best practices. Below, we share our picks for the 10 top resources to guide business leaders to success.

  1. AdAge: Time for CMOs to own the customer experience

Sheryl Pattek, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research, shares why CMOs today need to integrate brand and customer experience across the company.

Pattek explains, “Leading B2B CMOs have learned that building a strong B2B brand requires them to lead their organization down a path to customer obsession.”

  1. Accenture: 2015 B2B customer experience study

Only 25 percent of B2B companies excel in customer experience, according to a 2015 study by the consulting firm Accenture.

“Most companies still have considerable gaps in their customer experience strategy and execution capabilities—despite widely acknowledging their importance,” concluded the report. “These shortcomings, as well as a number of internal barriers, continue to make it difficult for most companies to generate a significant return on their customer experience investments.”

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  1. 9 lessons for customer experience champions

Michael Hinshaw, CEO of customer experience management company McorpCX, shares nine tips to help CX champions succeed. A deep understanding of what customers are looking for and their expectations is critical, says Hinshaw.

  1. Bain & Company: Marketing and selling to digitally-empowered business customers

Technology has empowered the B2B buyer, but only 12 percent of marketing and sales executives feel well prepared for the new realities brought about by digitally enabled customers. That’s according to a 2015 Bain & Company report, which advocates for a more comprehensive, smart view of the customer.

Says the report, “When companies assemble the right data focused on specific insights, they can understand customers’ needs and preferences, inform the next cross-selling campaign, profile high-value prospects and create more productive interactions when they actually engage.”

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  1. Influitive: What CMOs need to know about driving the customer experience

Nick Stein, senior vice president of marketing at Vision Critical, participated in a webinar series hosted by Influitive and shared why marketing leaders should use customer intelligence when making decisions about the customer experience.

  1. Brian Solis: Customer experience is the catalyst for digital transformation

Renowned author and digital analyst Brian Solis says that successfully driving digital transformation requires thinking of ways of optimizing the customer journey.

“Digital technology is driven by the desire and need to uncover who your customers are and how they behave,” he says.

  1. How Adobe uses customer intelligence software to get smarter

Adobe, a leading multinational software company, shares how it uses the Vision Critical platform to gather customer feedback and make better, more confident decisions faster.

“As the pace of decision-making at Adobe has accelerated, our insight community has enabled us to provide fast, reliable insight and recommendations to help our leaders make better decisions,” says Lori Iventosch-James, group research manager, marketing insights and operations at Adobe.
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  1. How tech vendors can scale their partner program

A 2015 Vision Critical study finds that a great majority of tech vendors are not yet regularly engaging with a majority of their partners. In particular, tech vendors can do a better job of engaging with the “bottom 80 percent” of their channel partners. There’s an opportunity for tech vendors to significantly increase their channel revenue by better serving a great majority of their partners.

  1. The enterprise guide to customer intelligence

To win in the intense tech race, companies need an agile and effective way of getting actionable data about their customers. This ebook, authored by Vision Critical CMO Tyler Douglas, explores today’s methods of gathering customer intelligence and assesses the strengths and limitations of each.

  1. The death of traditional ad-hoc surveys

Tech companies that rely on one-off surveys are at risk of turning off the very people they want to understand: their customers. In the ebook No Spam Surveys, Scott Miller, CEO of Vision Critical, outlines how traditional surveys provide a distorted view of the customer and suggests a four-point plan to better customer understanding—a critical competitive advantage in the tech industry today.

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