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“Check this box to consent.” “To opt out, uncheck this box.”

This widely adopted method of obtaining customer consent through checking or unchecking boxes on a website has been the path to GDPR compliance since the regulation passed in May of 2018. However, the Court Justice of the European Union (CJEU) recently ruled that a simple opt in or out would no longer qualify as “consent” when it comes to tracking your moves on the web through data files, or cookies.

As we’ve been talking about lately, “easy” isn’t always best—especially when it comes to building and running a customer-centric business. In the era of consumer mistrust and highly prescriptive regulation, organizations must embrace a new approach and do the work necessary to forge an authentic relationship with customers. The CJEU’s ruling necessitates that businesses will have to find other ways to gain access to the valuable insights stored within customer data.

It starts with taking a proactive role in gaining consent from a customer and continues with repeated conversations and engagement to build upon that initial approval. In a truly customer-centric business, even if the CJEU hadn’t made its ruling, consent can’t be achieved from a checkbox. Yet, in this era of data dependence, to be successful, a business must engage the customer in a mutually beneficial exchange—the customer consents to share personal information in direct exchange for a valuable benefit such as a more personalized and contextualized customer experience.

By using a sustainable model of accumulation of consent data, a business can unlock a treasure trove of critical insights and enrich customer understanding across the business. Moreover, when that model of collection is repeated through thoughtful and meaningful engagement, there are even more insights to unlock, allowing for deeper understanding and knowledge about a consumer. A simple checkbox could never hold the key to the direct voice of customer data that leads to business impacting insights in the way that iteratively earned consent does.

The CJEU has made official what Vision Critical has always believed:

Active consent is the only way to collect meaningful data from customers.

As businesses see the opportunities that exist through stronger relationships and improved engagement, they will actively choose to move beyond the mandatory legislated minimums and use earned consent because it’s the right thing to do.

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Consent Data: The Key to Unlocking Valuable Customer Insights

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