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At the recent 2014 Canadian Innovation Exchange in Toronto, Vision Critical CEO Scott Miller was named Canada's Innovator of the Year. Presented by the Canadian Innovation Exchange (CIX), the award celebrates Canadian software companies that demonstrate disruptive technology and business innovation.

While at the conference, Scott spoke with BNN about why companies are increasingly using secure, online communities to engage with their customers for insight. As shown in the video below, Scott attributes the growing popularity of customer communities to the rise of the empowered customer.

"We're growing in conjunction with this empowered customer movement that we've seen for the last several years," Scott tells BNN. "We're in the period now when every customer or every individual on the planet, with the right creativity and and credibility, can reach any other person on the planet. Companies that can provide that voice but also help organizations use and harness those voices in order to make business decisions are growing at a really nice rate."

canadas-innovator-of-the-year (1)

Scott adds that more companies use Vision Critical's customer intelligence platform because they realize the need to build long-term, genuine relationships with their customers.

We enable companies to engage in a two-way conversation with those people. Rather than just listening, they're listening, digesting, and they're going back out and they're engaging with those customers to learn more and more. We collect all of that information and enable companies to continue to gain intelligence along the way. We call it collective wisdom.

Finally, Scott says companies need to close the feedback loop and show customers their input drove business decisions. "The most important thing right now to keep your customers engaged is to let them know they matter, that you're hearing, and that you're doing something with that information.

Congratulations to Scott for this incredible honor!

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