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The Customer Intelligence Summit is a must-attend conference for marketing, CX, product innovation and market research pros. Whether your company is just getting started with the Vision Critical Sparq platform or you’ve been a user for a while, you’ll get a lot of actionable “aha moments” from the Summit—strategies and tactics that are guaranteed to boost the value you bring to the organization.

Here are some of the top reasons why you should join 400+ of your peers in Washington, DC.

1. Find out what matters to your stakeholders outside of research

More and more companies are using Sparq to deliver timely insight to marketing, product management and CX teams. Working with stakeholders outside of research is crucial to getting more ROI from Sparq and increasing your profile in the organization.

One must-see keynote comes from Rick Parrish, a principal Forrester analyst serving customer experience professionals. His presentation on the growing “reality gap” between the C-suite and their customers will challenge what you already know about CX. This Forrester presentation will provide you and your colleagues a framework to systematically improve the end-to-end experience of your customers.

2. De-mystify ROI measurement

The ability to articulate the impact of your role to the bottom line is important to your long-term career success. But measuring ROI in a meaningful way can sometimes be challenging, especially without a framework on how to do it.

This year’s Summit will tackle this challenge head on. Visionary winners LinkedIn, POLITICO, Priority Health and SMUD will share the impressive things they’re doing with the Sparq platform and the metrics associated with those activities. We also invited Sun Life Financial, Bauer Media UK and Keurig Canada to share three innovative ways of calculating ROI. These sessions and more will provide a practical framework for measuring the organization and functional ROI of your efforts in customer relationship intelligence.

3. Discover growth hacks to enhance customer relationships

Building customer relationships is more than just a numbers game, but the right tools and tactics can help ensure that the insight you’re getting from Sparq delivers enhanced customer lifetime value.

To that end, we have several sessions that will help you increase the effectiveness of your insight community. On the first day of the Summit, join members of our customer success team to learn new recruitment tactics to get more highly engaged people in your insight community. Another must-see session comes from Paul Holtzman, VP of data science at Vision Critical, who will share two approaches to measuring the value of each member of your insight community.

We’ve also put together a session featuring Red Bull, Jacquet Brossard and Scripps Networks Interactive UK—companies that have scored massive wins in less than 12 months of having an insight community. They’ll share what metrics matter to new communities and best practices that both newbies and veterans can take advantage of.

4. Build a global, world-class customer intelligence program

Accelerate your career by building programs that have a global impact.  Join Coca-Cola ’s Pamela Chinn Mittoo on Day 1 of the Summit to learn about the opportunities and challenges of building a global innovation community. NASCAR’s Brooks Deaton will also provide actionable tips on building a world-class customer intelligence ecosystem on the second day of the Summit.

5. Hear about the incredible new innovations you can leverage soon

On the Summit stage, we’re announcing game-changing integrations and new Sparq features that will help you improve your workflow, engage more customers in more channels, centralize customer intelligence across different communities and improve how you share insight with your community members. These enhancements will enable you to deliver higher quality insight faster than ever before. More importantly, they’ll help magnify your contributions to the company.

6. Increase adoption

For the first time ever, we are featuring customers who have been using the Vision Critical platform for 10 years. This must-see session will reveal tactics you can use to increase the adoption and stickiness of the Sparq platform in your organization.

7. Expand your network

Share ideas and stories with other research, marketing, CX and innovation pros from the world’s most recognizable brands. The Summit is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people who are also passionate about customer relationships and who want to make a difference in their organizations.

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