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There’s a good reason we’ve partnered with CX pro Jeanne Bliss for our upcoming webinar The Rise of the Chief Customer Officer: she really knows her stuff.

Her latest book, Chief Customer Officer 2.0, demonstrates her expertise and depth of knowledge about the customer experience practice and how it has evolved in the past decade.

Below, we’ve compiled reviews of Chief Customer Officer 2.0 that show why this book deserves a space on your bookshelf. We also reveal an easy way for you to win your own copy of the book.

  1. Learn about the rise of the chief customer officer.

As its title implies, Chief Customer Officer 2.0 is a follow up to Bliss’ first book, released in 2006. The new book explores tech and economic factors like customer empowerment that have supported the rise of this C-suite role. It also offers tips on how to structure the CCO’s role in a way that drives business results.

Jeanne Bliss - chief customer officer

“[Bliss] provides a roadmap to achieve success with the CCO core competencies, and how to drive transformational customer experience change across the business,” says Sarah Chambers, director of support at customer service software company Kayako. The book is beneficial for companies that want to hire a CCO, but also for CX professionals who want to take on this role in the future.

Adds Chambers, “If you’re looking for a CCO position, Jeanne talks about what questions you should be asking prior to accepting a gig. The last piece is a sample job posting for a CCO focusing on the core competencies described throughout the book. From the perspective of both parties, Jeanne sets you up for success.”

  1. Hear from executives who’ve held the CCO role.

Maria Elena Duron, contributor to, says that one of the book’s strengths is the inclusion of insight from other customer experience executives.

“A good quarter of the book isn’t actually [Bliss’] words,” says Duron. “She went out and collected stories from other CCO professionals, such as Jeri Ward of Audi and Carol Pudnos of AbbVie.”

“The book is an amazing resource that belongs in any company looking to avoid stagnation following the demands of success.”

  1. Explore ways of improving the customer experience.

The title of the book is a little misleading in that it isn’t just about the role of chief customer officers. In fact, Bliss used a significant portion of the book sharing useful tips for CX practitioners of all levels.

“Jeanne covers everything from clarifying the role of the CCO, to ‘how to unite leadership to achieve customer driven growth,’” says Ian Gold, a freelance CX consultant, in his review on CustomerThink. “Jeanne expertly guides readers through five customer leadership competencies, before telling you how to establish and fill the CCO role.”

Gold says that this book is “a MUST-read for any existing or aspiring leader of customer experience.”

How to win your free copy of Chief Customer Officer 2.0

To celebrate our upcoming webinar with Bliss, we’re giving away a copy of the book. To enter the competition, simply tweet the following:

Tweet this! Win a copy of Chief Customer Officer 2.0, the new book from #CX pro @JeanneBliss. RT to enter! (TWEET THIS TO ENTER

To learn more about improving the end-to-end experience of your customers, watch the webinar The Rise of the Chief Customer Officer.

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