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Recognizing the potential of content to connect them with customers, more and more companies are now adopting a publisher mindset and are embracing the practice of content marketing. A great majority of B2B and B2C companies now do some form of content marketing, according to Content Marketing Institute’s latest benchmark reports.

But while content marketing has the potential to help companies communicate the value and importance of their products and services, it poses some challenges. As the following stats show, most content goes unused. Furthermore, many customers don’t find branded content useful.

Here are 13 stats about content marketing you need to know—and what they mean for companies.

Content marketing is effective.

  1. 72 percent of marketers say branded content is more effective than magazine ads, (CLICK TO TWEET) and 69 percent say it’s superior to direct mail and PR. (CLICK TO TWEET)
  2. According to a Demand Metric infographic, content marketing generates three times as many leads as traditional marketing, but it costs 62 percent less. (CLICK TO TWEET)

Companies are investing heavily in content marketing.

  1. According to PQ Media’s Global Content Marketing Forecast 2015-19, businesses spent $145 billion on content marketing in 2014. (CLICK TO TWEET)
  2. According to Oracle, 73 percent of marketers plan to increase investments in content marketing in 2015 from the previous year. (CLICK TO TWEET)
  3. Content marketing now gets the second highest digital marketing budget, just second to paid search, according to the same Oracle report. (CLICK TO TWEET)

Most companies are producing ineffective content.

  1. A study sponsored by Kapost revealed that B2B organizations waste almost $1 billion annually in inefficient and ineffective content marketing. (CLICK TO TWEET)
  2. Only 40 percent of content marketers segment their content by buyer personas; most (52 percent) segment their content by product or service category. (CLICK TO TWEET)
  3. A 2014 study conducted by SiriusDecisions shows that 60 to 70 percent of content produced by B2B companies goes unused. (CLICK TO TWEET)

Companies need to create killer content if they want to stand out from the crowd.  

  1. Every single day, 4.75 billion pieces of content are shared, according to Facebook. (CLICK TO TWEET)
  2. 1.8 billion photos are uploaded to Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Snapchat and WhatsApp every day. (CLICK TO TWEET)
  3. Twitter users post more than 500 million tweets every day. (CLICK TO TWEET)

A common reason why content marketing fail is due to lack of customer insight or lack of usefulness.

  1. SiriusDecisions also found that one of biggest challenges in creating buyer-centric content include lack of persona-based insight on buyers and their purchasing behavior. (CLICK TO TWEET)
  2. Content consultancy company Content Science found that 65 percent of Americans think the content they find on the web is “hit or miss” or “unreliable.” (CLICK TO TWEET)


These stats show that content marketers need to become more effective and efficient in their efforts. To see ROI, companies need to stop pushing hard sales messages in their content marketing and must start using customer intelligence to produce content that’s compelling, useful and relevant.

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