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What are you doing on September 20-21? If you represent a consumer packaged goods (CPG) company, chances are you should be in Chicago at the Customer Intelligence Summit. This is especially true if your leadership wants to be more customer-centric.

Here are six must-attend Summit sessions that were made with you mind.

Vision Critical tackles the authenticity challenge

Customers today have a BS radar that’s sharper than ever. They know when a brand is being authentic or just trying to sell a product without giving anything in return. Only 36 percent of consumers trust big brands to do the right thing and yet 87 percent of won’t buy from brands with bad reviews. That’s a huge gap—and a big opportunity for the taking. It’s no wonder that 90 of the top 100 brands have lost market share. Authenticity breeds loyalty.

In his thought-provoking keynote, Vision Critical CEO Scott Miller will share how brands like LEGO seized the opportunity, winning over customers by being authentic.

Sherwin-Williams makes every stakeholder count

Sherwin-Williams is the nation’s largest specialty retailer of paint and painting supplies. For 150 years, the company has supported homeowners, DIYers and professionals alike by pushing for new trends in interior and exterior design and developing new products and services. The business has always revolved around customers and their needs.

Join Katie Kapferer, market research manager at Sherwin-Williams, and Lindsey Colella, analytics and insights associate director at Sun Life Financial, as they share how to include multiple stakeholders in decisions. For example, Kapferer improves customer experience across marketing and product development by listening to and bouncing ideas off of a DIY community, a painting professionals (B2B) community and an employee community.  

eBay finds value in Big Data

CPG brands hit the jackpot with Big Data. Consumers today leave lengthy digital bread crumb trails full of transactional, social and personal data. Despite this, many brands still struggle to put this information into context and action. eBay, a leading e-commerce site and top retailer of many CPG products, isn’t one of them.

Lauren Meewes, senior program manager of seller experience at eBay, will share at Summit how she uses customer feedback to decipher meaning from Big Data. She knows how to make sense of a range of data sources, sifting through it all to find answers to an evolving set of decision-making questions.

Elizabeth Arden and Pet Supplies Plus protect the brand

Brand guardians aren’t the only ones responsible for protecting the brand and boosting awareness. Celia Tombalakian, senior director of consumer insights and product development at Elizabeth Arden, and Cleo Parker, marketing analyst at Pet Supplies Plus, will be the first to tell you otherwise (at Summit).

Pet Supplies Plus, for example, uses community insight before developing new consumer products or launching brand updates. Both Tombalakian and Parker use customer feedback to guarantee that new products and marketing campaigns don’t fail. Customer intelligence-backed decisions help them ensure that they’re in line with what customers want.

DEWALT reaps the benefits of ongoing insight

Tom Vanderbilt TasteDEWALT is the leader of the power tool market and knows how to stay there. In order to build the right tool for professionals to stay on-budget, on-time and safe, DEWALT leadership relies on customer feedback.

Join Shannon Chenoweth, research manager at DEWALT, as she explores overcoming the challenges of guaranteeing product and marketing success, staying on top of trends and building products that customers want.

Tom Vanderbilt explores consumer taste in a world of choice

Tom Vanderbilt is a journalist and best-selling author of You May Also Like, an investigative and fascinating look into the curiosities of taste amid endless choice. Vanderbilt uses psychology, marketing and neuroscience to answer questions around why we prefer one product over another and the forces that shape our opinions. Since consumer taste moved online, brands—especially CPG companies—need a greater understanding of what, why and how we are consuming.

In his keynote, Vanderbilt will explain how the marketplace shapes choice, why certain products and ideas become so popular and ways that brands can be a little tastier.

The upcoming Summit offers business leaders and professionals in any industry the opportunity to learn from, get inspired by and network with the best minds in customer intelligence. 

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