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"Customer centricity" is one of the hottest buzz phrases of our time. Ever since Forrester proclaimed in 2011 that we're now in the age of the customer, companies have come out claiming to be customer centric.

But how do you know if your company is really customer centric? That's the topic of our latest infographic, embedded below.

As you can see, truly customer-centric companies prioritize the customer experience and engage regularly in two-way communication with customers. These companies are giving their customers a seat at the boardroom table - and are outperforming their competitors as a result.

See the infographic below to learn the 7 habits of customer-obsessed companies.

Want to share this infographic? Here are some tweetable stats:

  • 39% of outperforming companies have developed a fully integrated digital-physical strategy. (CLICK TO TWEET)
  • Companies that prioritize the customer experience gained 43% in performance. (CLICK TO TWEET)
  • Outperforming companies are 54% more likely to collaborate extensively with customers. (CLICK TO TWEET)
  • Outperforming companies are 24% more likely to give customers a seat at the boardroom table. (CLICK TO TWEET)
  • 86% of buyers will pay more for a better customer experience. (CLICK TO TWEET)

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Sunny Sung

Let's keep this short and sweet. Director of Marketing here. I orchestrate the team to connect the dots between our customer-centric values to your interests and overall market impacts. As an analytical marketer, I ensure everything we do is value-added for you. So why not check out our guide on customer-centric strategies?
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