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Many companies rely on social media platforms to build their brand, engage their customers and drive sales. These platforms are useful marketing tools, but they control what type of data and insight companies have access to. Companies have to adjust when an algorithm changes or when these social media platforms decide to limit what numbers to share.

Group Nine Media—a digital media holding company comprising of Thrillist, NowThis, The Dodo and Seeker—is well aware of this problem. The company’s brands are popular online, but they heavily rely on social media for distribution of that content.

At the recent CX and the City meetup in New York City, Bobby LaCivita, senior director of research from Group Nine Media, shared his philosophy on how all brands (not just those in media) should approach uncertainty around data availability and privacy. Watch the clip below for his response.

Highlights from the video:

0:19: Bobby provides background on Group Nine Media and its origins as a digital media powerhouse.

1:17: Bobby explains how Thrillist made the transformation into a video-centric brand.

1:46: To adjust to changes in media consumption, content distribution and data availability, companies should learn from the past, according to Bobby. Researchers should be diligent in “keeping track of when you do solve a difficult problem—exactly how you solved it—[and] really making a note of all the critical thinking and successes that you team had and applying [those learnings] forward.”


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