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Digital disruption is forcing health care organizations to shape up. Today’s empowered patients are demanding more from health care providers, and as a result health systems are investing more in new technology. According to one estimate, the need to drive digital transformation is pushing the value of health care cloud computing market to $9.49 billion by 2020.

One main driver of these massive investments in tech: the imperative to keep up with evolving patient preferences. According to a study by First American Healthcare Finance and Health Forum, hospitals are increasing their IT budgets in the hopes of improving patient satisfaction. By investing in new technologies like self-service kiosks and big data analytics, health care providers are aiming to improve the patient experience and drive satisfaction and CX scores up.

So how can organizations make sure that the billions of dollars they invest in digital transformation deliver ROI?

That's the topic of our next webinar, Diagnosing disruptions: De-risking decisions in health care's digital age, which features a digital strategy expert in the health care industry.

A health care hall of famer

For almost three decades now, Ed Bennett has been working with health care organizations to develop their digital strategies. As president and CEO of Ed Bennett Consulting, he provides expert guidance to both hospitals and vendors to help them get the most out of digital technologies.

Bennett’s industry expertise includes serving as a key advisor to the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network before its formal inception in 2010. For his achievements, Bennett has received several industry awards, including the 2012 Healthcare Internet Hall of Fame Innovative Individual Inductee award. A regular speaker at national and international conferences, Bennett also received the Mayo Clinic Platinum Fellow designation in 2013—an award that recognizes his pioneering leadership in health care social media.

If you work in health care, Bennett's webinar is a unique opportunity to hear directly from a digital strategy expert and learn how to use technology to reduce risks in your decision-making. Watch the webinar live on November 2, 2017 to get your questions about digital disruption answered live.

Diagnosing Disruptions: De-Risking Decisions in Health Care’s Digital Age

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Kelvin Claveria

Kelvin Claveria was formerly a Content Marketing Manager at Vision Critical.

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