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Last week, 16 C-level leaders in CX, digital transformation and marketing came together for the CMO Lunch Series: Driving CX Transformation, an executive lunch series for CMOs and CCOs to share peer-to-peer insights while networking over lunch.

Special guest speaker Christine Corbett, Group Chief Customer Officer at Australia Post shared the story of the creation of the Chief Customer Office at Australia Post and its role to ensure the customer is the centre of everything they do. The journey began with redefining Australia Post’s core values.  Shaped through a national campaign “What matters to you, matters to us” to understand what Australians expected of Australia Post, Australia Post created four resounding customer commitments, which can be found in every post office and part of the business:

  1. Seamless customer experiences, especially the parcel delivery experience (92% people care)
  2. Listening to customers and taking action
  3. Knowing our customers
  4. Empowering our people

To successfully move Australia Post towards customer centricity, Christine knew that every employee, all 50,000, had a role to play to be successful to deliver on the 10 million customer interactions every day. One of their key initiatives empowered employees to represent the voice of the customer. In 10 weeks, Australia Post created SnapIt, an app that allowed employees to take customer complaints and escalate them immediately, capture customer opportunities and share incident reporting.

In one example, if an employee was at a BBQ and a friend shared a complaint about a parcel delivery, the employee could say, “give me your name and number, and in 24 hours we’ll resolve that.” The employee would also be contacted within 24 hrs too. Employees on the front lines were powered to directly communicate feedback into the organisation in real-time, and Australia Post made the commitment to respond.

Christine summarised her talk with five key learnings:

  1. Commitment from the start. Get support of the Board and CEO upfront. Make the mission an organisational priority.
  2. Capability. People who are the influencers need to be in the team and build up the capability -- even the critics. If you can turn them, you can turn anyone.
  3. Commerciality side. Design upfront how it will look and the business will support you
  4. Communication. Constantly communicate, and use technology to scale that (ie. VoC tools)
  5. Courage. Build resilience around the table with facts and data to say the things that need to be said for the customer. Have the hard conversations to get things moving.

More themes from the day:

Finding positivity in negative feedback

Bendigo Bank, Forrester’s leading CX brand three years in a row, heralds its achievements to deeply understanding its customers and sharing insight across the business. What’s more, Bendigo Bank saw untapped potential in uncovering the negative aspects of the brand. Ian Jackman, Head of Customer Voice at Bendigo Bank, shared “there is a positive element of raising negativity” as it truly allows you to uncover potential growth areas across the business. According to Ian, the focus for every brand should be tapping into customer emotions to uncover the negative experiences that will make way for positive changes.

"There is a positive element of raising negativity"- Ian Jackman, Head of Customer Voice, Bendigo Bank

Focus on customer outcomes, over revenue outcomes

“Do what’s best for the customer and revenue will follow”, said Duncan Norman, Head of Product at iSelect, which resonated with the group of CX transformation leaders. As in many high growth Silicon Valley companies like Uber, Spotify, core business KPIs are driven through customer-led outcomes, market share and growth (ie. user growth, number of active users, NPS score), over revenue outcomes. Key takeaway:  Don't focus on revenue, focus on the customer. Revenue will come if you focus on the customer.

“Do what’s best for the customer and revenue will follow”- Duncan Norman, Head of Product, iSelect

Transforming into a customer-centric organisation requires a shift in your brand’s DNA. This means consistently building and maintaining valuable authentic relationships with customers, and always being willing to listen and adapt accordingly.

The C-suite needs to provide tools that allow your employees to be an advocate for the customer. It’s over to brand leaders to provide avenues for accessible, agile insight that will allow businesses to uncover authentic customer needs at scale. Uncover how this mindset shift has taken storm with CCO’s and experience leaders with the 10 takeaways from the Chief Customer Officer Summit.

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