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Depending on the size of your organization and the types of surveys you are doing, you may have noticed it can be difficult and time consuming to get multiple people to agree on what questions to ask in a survey. A few years ago, at a Vision Critical customer summit, we were discussing just this problem. Finding a technological solution really seemed to resonate with customers, so we decided to try and find a better way.

The typical workflow is this: first you write down the questions and answers you want to ask, typically in a document of some kind, and send it out via email to multiple stakeholders to review. They'll email back with additional questions, changes to the flow of the survey, minor changes to wording, etc., and you end up with many different versions of the survey scattered throughout your inbox with different methods of providing feedback. Next you consolidate all the feedback into a single version and send it out for review again. Once you have an approved version of the survey you have to program it into the survey application and send out test links to all your stakeholders so they can review the online version. The process continues on and on.

Vision Critical Surveys makes it easy to write the survey directly in the application itself, instead of first designing it in a document. This allows you to skip the step of having to later program the survey into the application. You can design and preview all in one step within the survey. Once you have a draft version of your survey ready you can send it out for review.

Vision Critical Surveys has a number of capabilities that makes reviewing and approving surveys easier. You can click a button to "get feedback" which allows you to easily select stakeholders to send an invite to review the survey. The collaborators get a link to the survey and they can start stepping through it, adding notes as they go along. The notes are then immediately available so that you can make changes to the survey in one place. Another way to get feedback is to share the survey with other people in the system.

You can allow other members of the system to go into the survey and make the changes themselves. For people who are worried about opening up their survey to other people to edit, there is a revision history that allows you to track what has changed and revert to any previous version you may want. Though not common, the collaboration capabilities are robust enough to let two people simultaneously make changes to a survey and view the changes in real time. A live chat feature even lets you message directly with your collaborators.

These capabilities make it easy for people to design and create surveys with multiple stakeholders reducing the time it takes to launch your survey and getting to the insights faster. So far, the feedback has been that these collaboration capabilities can really change the way in which our clients now design their surveys.

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