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Often when I work with clients or partners who are building their first community panel there is a mix of excitement, anxiety and determination in the air. Getting the community panel up and running so that surveys and discussion forums can be programmed and launched is typically the number one priority! Several meetings and phone calls later, this sense of excitement dwindles and the feeling of anxiety seems to rise. Why is that? Well, setting up your first community panel requires a strong vision, clear goals and often it involves the expertise of many individuals - not to mention, it can be a lot of work! Like building a home from the ground up, you need a solid plan, the right tools and a team to help get the job done. It is never a one-man show! In addition, there are several common stumbling blocks that, if unaware or unprepared, can add weeks, and even months, to your community panel set-up time. What you don't know may stop you (temporarily) from reaching your goals.

Here are my top five common stumbling blocks that I have encountered working with clients over the years:

5 common stumbling blocks in setting up a community panel

Knowing what obstacles may lay ahead (and how to circumnavigate them) can help ensure that your community panel is launched on time for your first research project and that there are no major issues or unforeseen delays. You can read more about these practices in the latest best practice briefing, "Best practices for setting up your Community Panel"

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