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Vision Critical's, Ray Poynter is producing a four-part webinar series covering a wide range of topics and trends including case studies. All webinars in this series will be broadcast at 3pm GMT (e.g. London), 10am EST (e.g. New York). To register click here.

The Four Webinars Are:

  • February 23, "The art and science of moderating discussions", Ray Poynter
  • March 27, "The opportunities and challenges of running international communities", Ray Poynter
  • April 12, "What will communities be like in five years?", Phones4u's Katie Kaylor and Vision Critical's Ray Poynter
  • May 30, " Running B2B Community Panels", Mike Stevens

All the webinars are free and will run for about 30 minutes, there will then be 15 minutes of Q&A. Everybody who registers for the webinars will receive a copy of the slides and access to the recordings.

Overview of Webinars

The art and science of moderating discussions - February 23
Ray Poynter will discuss the current state of play in moderating and interpreting online discussions. The session will cover popular myths, best practices, and the combination of theory and practice that is the hallmark of effective moderation.

The opportunities and challenges of running international communities - March 27
In this webinar Ray Poynter tackles the thorny issue of how to conduct international communities. What are the merits and costs of English versus local language? What are the implications of different cultures, laws, and expectations? How can the creation of insights be balanced by the potential costs of a multi-country project.

What will communities be like in five years? - April 12
Phones4u's Katie Kaylor and Vision Critical's Ray Poynter take a case study approach to looking at where community panels will go next. The webinar will explore the issues of Big Data, social media, and the need to further integrate communities into every facet of the company. The webinar will review Phones4u's community panel, how it is currently embedded in the business, and how its role will grow and change over the next five years.

Running B2B Community Panels - May 30
B2C may seem more glamorous, but Mike Stevens will show in this webinar that B2B communities are every bit as useful and can deliver terrific ROI to brands and organisations. Mike will use case studies and examples to show which elements of B2B communities are essentially similar to B2C, and which need to be modified to meet the specific needs of B2B customers.

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