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Generation Z, the cohort born between 1996 and 2010, is ready for the spotlight. Finally escaping the shadows of the generations before them, many Gen Zers are now entering the workforce. As a result, their spending power, currently valued at $44 billion, is growing every day.

Also known as Gen Z, iGeneration (iGen) or Net Gen, this cohort is massive and influential. In U.S. alone, there are 65 million of them. By 2020, Generation Z will account for 40 percent of all consumers in the U.S.

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Smart companies are beginning to shift focus and use customer intelligence on Generation Z to their advantage. In order to better understand this important cohort, Vision Critical, in partnership with research firm MARU/VCR&C, recently ran a study exploring the attitudes, behaviors and values of this generation. The report, The Everything Guide to Generation Z, provides statistics and insight for marketers, customer experience and innovation pros in all major industries.

Here are 20 Generation Z statistics from our study. 

Optimistic and self-assured

Generation Z, more than any other generation, feels positive about the future.

  1. 42 percent of #GenerationZ are happy; 34 percent feel confident (TWEET THIS STAT)
  2. 88 percent of #GenerationZ are optimistic about their personal future (TWEET THIS STAT)

Realistic techies

They are the first true digital natives—but they’re not blind to the limitations of technology.

  1. 19 percent of #GenerationZ are excited about self-driving cars—a nine percent drop  compared to the number of Millennials who are looking forward to this technology (TWEET THIS STAT)
  2. 36 percent of Millennials ‘strongly agree’ that science and technology can solve the world’s biggest problems; only 30 percent of #GenerationZ think the same (TWEET THIS STAT)

A generation of streamers

Snapchat Generation? ‘Netflix Generation’ might be more appropriate.

  1. 71 percent of #GenerationZ have a Netflix subscription—more than any other generation (TWEET THIS STAT)
  2. Only 45 percent of #GenerationZ watch cable TV on a television (TWEET THIS STAT)
  3. 69 percent of #GenerationZ think ads are disruptive (TWEET THIS STAT)

Price-conscious foodies

They care about the ingredients, nutritional value and sourcing of their food—but not as much as Millennials.

  1. The number one thing #GenerationZ looks for when buying food? Price (TWEET THIS STAT)
  2. 67 percent of #GenerationZ consider the nutritional content of their food—a 13 percent drop from the share of Millennials who consider this information important (TWEET THIS STAT)

Conservative spenders

They see money in their future, and they trust big banks—at least for now.

  1. Members of #GenerationZ are less likely to consider themselves as big spenders compared to #Millennials (TWEET THIS INSIGHT)
  2. 74 percent of #GenerationZ are ‘very trusting’ or ‘somewhat trusting’ of financial institutions (TWEET THIS STAT

Young invincibles

Just like their parents, they’re health-conscious, relying on family, friends and Google for health advice.

  1. Of all cohorts, #GenerationZ is the least likely to turn to doctors, nurses and pharmacists for health info (TWEET THIS INSIGHT)
  2. #GenerationZ is most likely cohort to turn to friends, family and Google for health info (TWEET THIS INSIGHT)

Image-driven shoppers

While they care about functionality, they primarily shop for products that look good.

  1. The number one thing #GenerationZ shoppers look for in the products they buy? Aesthetic  (TWEET THIS INSIGHT)
  2. Fashionable design matters to 67 percent of #GenerationZ shoppers—more than any other generation (TWEET THIS STAT)

Comfort-seeking travelers

Compared to Millennials, they’re less likely to use Airbnb.

  1. ‘Beachy vacations’ top the wish list of #GenerationZ travelers (TWEET THIS INSIGHT)
  2. 86 percent of #GenerationZ travelers prefer to stay in hotels (TWEET THIS STAT)
  3. While 24 percent of Millennials like to use Airbnb, only 12 percent of #GenerationZ travelers prefer it (TWEET THIS STAT)

Hard-working, bright-eyed workers

As more of them enter the workforce, Generation Z employees will prioritize salary over everything else.

  1. 65 percent of #GenerationZ employees think salary is important (TWEET THIS STAT)
  2. While 47 percent of #Millennials care about work-life balance, only 38 percent of #GenerationZ employees think it’s important (TWEET THIS STAT)

Millennial marketing is so last year…

Companies can’t afford to assume that Generation Z resemble the cohort before them. Members of Generation Z aren’t merely ‘Millennials on steroids.' It’s a distinct generation—with attitudes, values and a lifestyle that often deviate from the generation just before them.

As more people from Generation Z enter the workforce, their influence and impact in the business world will only grow. To prepare for the future, companies should start building a relationship with Generation Z consumers now. The brands that have timely and accurate understanding of Generation Z are poised to win the business of these young consumers today and in the years ahead.

The Everything Guide to Gen Z

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