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This week I co-hosted a webinar with Cathleen Williams, Executive Director of Marketing for Allure, who revealed how Condé Nast's Allure magazine boosted its revenue and brand credibility by tapping into customer intelligence.

Below are three key takeaways. For the full story, please watch the webinar

1. Help your partners deliver better products.

To stand out, companies need to differentiate their products by understanding what their customers think and feel.

Allure helps their partners do exactly that by giving them access to insight from Allure Beauty Enthusiasts, an insight community of 40,000 Allure readers. The goal is to tap into the collective wisdom of Allure's readers to find ways to improve their products before going to market. In one recent example, a beauty company not only improved its product by getting feedback from the community, it also engaged Allure Beauty Enthusiasts to decide on the name of the product.

2. Engage your customers to increase ROI for your advertisers.

Advertisers are demanding more from media companies. Cathleen reveals that advertisers often look to Allure for insight into their readership - the consumers advertisers are trying to reach.

"ROI is no longer just about whether a consumer is aware," Cathleen says. "It's about advertisers saying to us, "did you help me forge a deeper relationship with my customer?"

One way Allure provides additional ROI to advertisers is by leveraging testimonials from Allure Beauty Enthusiasts. "A product review from an Allure Beauty Enthusiast is actually the most valuable one that an advertiser could get, Cathleen reveals.

3. Understand why your customers do what they do.

Social media listening allows companies to monitor, track and analyze unsolicited opinion data. But this type of information isn't helping companies make strategic decisions because social media highlights challenges and hot button issues, without delivering insight into potential solutions.

Big data hasn't made companies smarter about their customers either. Despite the wide availability of data, it doesn't reveal what customers think and feel and why do what they do. Allure shows us that a more complete understanding of the customer drives revenue, improves products and boosts a brand's overall credibility.

Cathleen concludes, "The biggest change [in having our community] is that we're able to be more nimble. We can respond quicker, we can get feedback quicker and we can respond and make changes. The kinds of programs that we do for our readers and for our users are higher quality because they are more along the lines of what they're looking for.

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