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At the IIeX Conference in Atlanta this week, Ray Poynter, Director of Vision Critical University, ran a gamified futuring exercise with about 100 of the delegates to explore the research areas where clients and agencies should be focusing their plans.

You can download the report from the exercise here.

The top four techniques identified as priorities by the research exercise were:

1. Smartphone Ethnography
2. Mobile Diaries
2. Insight /Online Communities
3. Geofencing/Tagging

This list comprises three mobile techniques and online communities, and what is clear is that insight communities are themselves becoming increasing mobile friendly. Just behind these four were online surveys (still the key tool for quant research) and social media research.

The key conclusions that were drawn from the exercise were:

  • The move to mobile seems linked to getting more in the moment information, not just surveys, but pictures, real-time comments, and passive data.
  • Online communities are seen as pretty mainstream by the forward thinkers, and they are seen as more of a platform for a program of research, rather than a specific solution to a specific problem.
  • Social media research appears to be coming back on the scene. Four years ago it was doing really well, 18 months ago it seemed to be faltering, but this exercise suggests that it might be about to get its second wind.

Download a copy of the results from here.

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