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What do people think of Pinterest? What impact is it having on purchase decisions? What do Pinterest's own users see for the future of this burgeoning social network?

Vision Critical tackled these questions and more with a joint study undertaken with Emily Carr University earlier this spring. Today the results appear on the Harvard Business Review, in a post by Alexandra Samuel, the Director of the Social + Interactive Media Centre at Emily Carr.

Click here to view the blog post on the Havard Business Review.

With the quick rise and notoriety of the platform, we set out to answer a few questions you can't answer with social media monitoring alone. Some of the more interesting results were around the relationship between Pinterest and actual purchases. As Alex writes on HBR,

"Surprisingly, the correlation between pinning and offline purchasing was stronger than the correlation between pinning and online purchasing. While 12% of the Pinterest users we surveyed have pinned something that they later purchased online, 16% of Pinterest users have pinned something that they later purchased via bricks-and-mortar."

For more details on the results of this study, read Alex's post that also features an infographic created by Emily Carr student Cheryl Loh. You can can view (and re-pin!) the inforgraphic on Pinterest here:

From Pinterest to Purchase


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