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Every organization wants to be customer centric, but not all companies are able to make the transformation required to deliver better products, services and experiences to their customers. What does it take to become truly customer-led, and what role does customer intelligence have in the process?

Insight Talks is a new podcast from Vision Critical that features leading thinkers in market research, marketing, product innovation and customer experience from some of the world's most customer-centric brands. In our first episode, Karen Eisen, senior vice president of customer success at Vison Critical, talks to leaders from LinkedIn, GoDaddy and SMUD to better understand how they are supporting their organization’s goal of becoming more customer centric.

This podcast features Alex Cristea, product manager at LinkedIn, Cassie Mally, director of UX research at GoDaddy, and Susan Corbelli, market research supervisor of Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD).

Highlights from this episode of the Insight Talks podcast:

2:40: Alex shares how everyone at LinkedIn brings the “Members First” philosophy to life. “The way ‘Members First’ manifests itself is that it's very much a part of our day-to-day business decisions and business conversations and strategy review.”

4:29: At GoDaddy, the mandate to become customer obsessed starts from the top. Cassie explains, “Our CEO, Scott Wagner, is our number one ambassador for customer centricity...He really wants everybody to be talking to customers, not just the roles in which you would expect to be talking to a customer, like product managers or UX research.”

5:44: Susan reveals why it is important for SMUD to prioritize customer centricity. “Because we are community-owned, we really need to listen to our customers because they own SMUD… If our customers aren't happy, they can reach out to their representative or even attend our board meetings, which are open, and they can share their positive or negative feedback there.”

8:36: Cassie discusses how the UX team at GoDaddy has become a “gateway for customers” and how her team meets the opportunities and challenges that come with that expectation.

11:37: Alex shares how she sees her role in product marketing supporting LinkedIn’s core value of “Members First.”

13:40: Cassie shares how having an insight community helps her team tackle the need for more insight across the company.

15:28: Susan how her team has changed its approach to reporting to deliver faster insight to stakeholders and decision makers. “One of the things that we're doing is starting to share links to the results—to the live results of our insight community studies—to some of our internal clients so they can be monitoring and learning about the results as they're happening.”

18:39: Susan shares a success story: how SMUD’s research team helped improve results for an important advertising campaign.

21:30: User feedback challenged the LinkedIn’s initial assumptions about what job seekers wanted from a product the company was working on in partnership with Microsoft. “The biggest pain point that job seekers have in working on their resume is word-smithing…When we started hearing that, we shifted our strategy from something that would benefit LinkedIn more because it just created more LinkedIn accounts, to something that hopefully would benefit job seekers.”

24:33: Cassie shares her team provided valuable insight to the marketing team for a high-visibility project within 24 hours. “The results of our activity actually made it all the way back to our CMO, Barb Rechterman...It gave us some accolades in UX research and for our GoDaddy Customer Council.”

28:20: Alex and Cassie shares tactical, best practices on using customer intelligence to support organization-wide efforts to be more customer centric.

Why you need to embrace new customer-centric strategies

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