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Love is in the air, and marketers are taking notice. In the last few months, companies have been launching love-related campaigns in the hopes of capturing the attention, affection and imagination of customers.

But why are companies capitalizing on love? Perhaps because they recognize the importance of embracing their customers. As we explored in our latest ebook, giving your customers the love and respect they demand and deserve isn’t just about being nice; doing so also makes good business sense.

Here’s a look at 3 recent love-related marketing campaigns.

  1.    McDonald’s reignites love

In a new marketing campaign, McDonald’s wants to “reignite lovin’.” That’s according to Deborah Wahl, CMO at McDonald’s, speaking with FastCompany about its new “Arch enemies” campaign. Set to the song “Love is Endless,” the playful campaign features traditional enemies—Batman and the Joker, for example—falling in love over their mutual affection for McDonald’s.

“We love serving burgers but at our core, McDonald's has always been about serving people," Wahl says about the campaign, which is part of McDonald’s larger rebranding efforts.

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  1.    Revlon uses love to connect with customers

Revlon is hoping to stand out in the competitive beauty business with its new campaign, “Love is On.” Featuring stories and scenes that illustrate different types of love, the marketing campaign includes print, digital, social media and TV.

“We’ve been looking to find a stronger way to connect with women,” admits David Israel, an executive creative director at AR New York, the agency that Revlon worked with for the campaign. He says “Love is On” is an opportunity to tell “a more emotional story that allows Revlon to have a larger voice.”

Tweet this!Revlon hopes to stand out in the competitive beauty business in #LoveIsOn marketing campaign. (CLICK TO TWEET)

  1.    Addition Elle shows customer love and breaks stereotypes

Canadian retailer Addition Elle wants to break stereotypes about its core, plus-size female customers. Roslyn Griner, vice-president of marketing at Addition Elle, says “Make Love Your Legacy” aims to put the spotlight on its customers.

“She is the love interest, she’s the icon,” Griner tells Marketing magazine about the national campaign. “The goal is really to solidify and engage our customers with our brand and our story. Everybody sells clothes, but we wanted them to feel an emotional connection as well.”

Tweet this!Retailer @AdditionElle shows #customerlove by placing customers in the spotlight for its new #marketing campaign. (CLICK TO TWEET)


Of course, just because you use the word “love” in your campaign doesn’t mean it will resonate with customers. Ultimately, it’s what you do, not what you say. That’s why more and more companies are engaging their customers on a regular basis through scalable customer intelligence platforms to better understand what people want and need. Building a loving customer relationship starts when companies commit to treating their customers as partners in their business.

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